Benefits Of Tea In The Morning

Benefits of tea in the morning

Drinking tea in the morning is a habit or routine of many people because there are so many studies that prove that consuming tea is a healthy routine because the antioxidant content in the tea can prevent and Inhibit cancer.

Benefits of tea in the morning
Benefits of tea in the morning

Tea has many kinds that make confused about the difference and benefits of health. 

Actually, all types of tea are equally beneficial to health, but some types of tea have higher antioxidant levels and polyphenols than other types of tea.

Some of the following types of tea.

1. Green tea and its benefits

This very famous Asian tea contains 25 mg per degree. After the tea leaves are plucked, the tea leaves are dried with hot temperatures. Furthermore, but not fermented, so that the high content of vitamins and nutrients in the tea leaves is maintained well.

Green tea is well known for its vitamin C content that is useful for boosting immunity. Besides green tea also contains Flouride which can strengthen bones and prevent tooth decay.

Green tea is also believed to relieve stress, reduce cholesterol that clogs blood vessels, and help lose weight.

2. Oolong Tea and its benefits

Oolong is a Mandarin language, Oolong (Wulong), meaning black dragon. The name is derived from a dark, long and winding tea form like a dragon.

This tea is produced from a fairly different process that is placed in the sun until it withers and has an oxidation process before the tea leaves turn curved. Then the tea is moved to the shade to do the process of semi fermentation.

Tea is believed to help smoothen the digestive process and reduce the cholesterol level is undergoing a fermentation process not too long which is 2 to 3day only. Oolong tea polyphenols are higher than black tea and green tea.

3. Black tea and its benefits

Black tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant, undergoing a long enough oxidation process, requiring time-+ 2 weeks to 1 month. Black tea has the highest caffeine content compared to other teas.

The benefits of drinking black tea for smokers efficacious reduce the adverse effects of nicotine against the lungs.

The use of black tea also helps reduce the risk of stroke. The antioxidant content of black tea helps reduce blood vessel freezing.

4. Red tea and its benefits

Red tea is a traditional drink in the African state that is very rich in antioxidants and proved to help improve the performance of the immune system and caffeine-free so that red tea belongs to the herbal tea.

Red tea comes from Africa, red tea is made from native South African herbs that are Rooibos that is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. One of the benefits of red tea is being able to protect the body from free radicals.

Drinking tea in the morning seems to be a habit for many people. The reason was a pity if missed the morning not with a cup of hot tea, start the day with a cup of hot tea.

Antioxidant content that exists in black tea or catechins that can help increase immunity and metabolism.

The danger of drinking tea in the morning

However, aside from all the benefits of drinking tea for health, tea also has a risk. It happens when drinking tea when the stomach is empty.

The tea can affect your health because the tea contains caffeine that can trigger stomach acid and interfere with digestion if the stomach is still empty. There is a reason why you are not recommended drinking tea when the stomach is empty.

1. Disrupting metabolic activity

Drinking tea when the stomach is empty or has not breakfast in the morning, then the content in the tea will interfere with the metabolic system because of the imbalance of acidic substances and bases in the stomach. This can interfere with regular body metabolism activity and may cause more problems with health

2. Enamel Tooth erosion

Tea consumption in the morning can erode the tooth enamel. This occurs because the bacteria in the mouth will damage the sugar that causes an increase in the acid levels in the mouth that causes erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

3. Dehydration of body

Tea is diuretic which can remove water from the body. When waking the morning, the body is dehydrated as it sleeps eight hours without water intake. When you drink tea in the morning, it can cause excessive dehydration that causes muscle cramps.

4. The bloating

Many people feel bloated, as they drink milk tea. This is due to the high lactose content in milk that can affect the empty intestine, where in turn causes gas and constipation.

5. Can cause nausea

The time between night to morning is when the stomach is still empty and drinking tea after waking up can affect the activity. This can cause nervous and nausea.

6. Milk Tea

Many people enjoy drinking milk tea. However, you may not be aware that drinking milk tea can make you feel tired or exhausted in the morning. Yes, drinking milk tea in the morning can make you feel annoyed.

7. Dangers of black tea

If you believe drinking black tea in the morning will be a healthy one, you are great wrong! Black tea is beneficial to health, but drinking black tea in the stomach of the or can cause flatulence and can lower the appetite.

8. Caffeine

Caffeine can be believed to increase energy. However, drinking tea with the stomach is still empty will have side effects, namely dizziness, nausea, and other unpleasant effects.

9. Raises anxiety

Drinking tea in the morning on an empty stomach will have a bad effect on the body. This effect can cause anxiety and other sleep-related problems. If you plan to have tea in the morning, we recommend drinking tea after breakfast.

10. Reducing Iron absorption

The benefits of drinking green tea in the morning are plenty, but drinking green tea before breakfast can decrease the body's ability to absorb iron naturally. So, people with anemia should not drink tea when the stomach is empty because it can reduce the level of absorption of iron in the body from other food sources.

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