Better eat fresh fruit or infused water drinks

Better eat fresh fruit or infused water drinks


There are still many people who wonder..
Why is the fruit made infused water or nano water, why not just eat directly?
Friends, when we eat the fruit directly is good too, we will be able to the nutrient content of the fruit. Then how to be infused water or nano water??
1. Process of diffusion osmosis

When the fruit in the water soak, then all the nutrients in the fruit will move to the water

2. Fermentation occurs

When the fruits are soaked at least 6 hours, a maximum of 12 hours, there will be fermentation that produces probiotics, so our drink contains good bacteria.

It can already be nutrients, it can be good bacteria again, win a lot of. More than 12 hours of how? Already less well drunk, because the fermentation is already excessive, already foamed usually.

3. Water becomes alkaline

When the fruits in the water soak at least 6 hours a maximum of 12 hours, this process will make the bathwater into alkaline or alkaline.

Why? Yes, this is what our body needs. Our bodies will be acidic with processed foods, especially if we eat fewer vegetables and fruit. The body is a forerunner of the disease. Often drink water infusion, eat fruit and vegetables will make the body to be balanced, even alkaline. Win much more right?

4. Does it apply to fruit?

No, rhizome and vegetable can also. If the rhizome is somewhat difficult we want direct consumption yes, definitely on the fend to eat clove directly. Yes, delicious made infused water.

5. The fruit or rhizome that has been made infused water eaten or discarded?
It can be eaten fruit but it tastes bland. If the rhizome, ya discarded. But sometimes it can still plug into the cuisine.

6. The bottle should be glass?? Preferably so. If you use plastic, use it that can be used repeatedly.

7. Hot or warm water or cold?? If the fruit, ordinary water. Save the refrigerator can. If the rhizome hot water boiling or boiled water.

It's complete... Hopefully, you do not hesitate again yes...
Happy infused water

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