Benefits of celery leaves for health

Celery leaves are widely utilized as a complement to the food served. Fresh celery leaves are often sprinkled over certain dishes. Apparently, not only makes the food more delicious, the benefits of celery leaves for health are also quite a lot. Celery leaves are a type of vegetable that is widely utilized in many countries. The SOP dish would not be complete without celery leaves. Not only is it consumed directly, celery leaves are also commonly used as dried herbs. Various studies were conducted to prove the benefits of celery leaves, including stems, seeds, and celery leaves. Here are some other benefits:

Benefits of celery leaves for health

Lowering blood pressure.

Many researchers believe the effects of celery seed extract in lowering blood pressure. Other studies have shown that celery juice lowers blood pressure in 17 hypertensive patients from a total of 19 patients. 

Preventing cancer

Flavonoid in the type of Luteolin which is widely conceived by celery leaves are considered anticancer agents. In a study, Luteolin is called having the ability to inhibit cancer cells. 

Supporting diet Programs 

It does not mean that the intake of celery can burn more calories. Only, celery leaves are rich in fiber and low in calories, making it appropriately utilized to support the diet program. So, you can make use of celery leaves in the daily menu to get more benefits. 

Relieves painful menstruation

some studies have shown, that consumption of products containing celery seeds with some other ingredients can relieve painful menstruation that can reduce the intensity and length of the pain. 

Repel mosquitoes 

As mosquito repellent with celery extracts content is able to last more than Five hours, based on some research. The benefits of celery with a mixture of other mosquito repellents are similar to the commercial mosquito repellent products sold in the market. In addition to some of the benefits that I have conveyed, celery is also known to help the condition of fatigue, no appetite, headache medications, and smooth bowel movements. Celery is also believed to help the body to be more relaxed and sleep better because of its ability as a golden or muscle relaxant. Although there are many benefits, certain health conditions are recommended not to consume celery. For example,, having a history of allergic reactions, bleeding disorders, kidney disorders, people with low blood pressure, or approaching surgical action. Pregnant and nursing women should limit the consumption of celery because of the risk of uterine contraction that can cause miscarriage. In breastfeeding women, it is not yet know clearly the effect of celery on breast milk, as well as being avoided. 

Variation of presentation

Besides relying on the benefits of celery leaves in cooking, seeds and celery sticks can also be used with various presentations variations. Many health benefits can be obtained, as well as a delicious flavor. To make celery juice, you can equip it with a variety of ingredients such as pear, spinach, lemon juice, and more. Cut celery and spinach and then put in a blender. Add ice cubes and lemon strain The juice that has been blender before drinking.Besides, can be used as a mixture of juice, celery can also be served as a fresh drink. Put coriander leaves and celery leaves and melted sugar into the glass. Add lemon juice/soda to taste, before adding ice cubes. Not only as a complement to food/mixed drinks, celery can be consumed as a healthy snack. You can prepare fresh celery sticks. Cut to medium size, then split in half. Then, add Two spoons of peanut butter to the celery stem. Celery snacks are also ready to be enjoyed. It is not difficult to obtain various benefits of celery leaves. You can cultivate celery in various ways according to taste. Consult a nutritionist or doctor, if you have a specific health condition.

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