Benefits of Bidara crops

Some benefits of Bidara leaves

The leaves of Bidara are also mentioned in the Holy Qur'an? Yes, the leaves of this bidara are indeed grown from spiked plants that have a lot of efficacy or benefit. Therefore for Muslims leaves this one should be no stranger because it is definitely a benefit or its usefulness. In addition to the efficacy or benefits, to grow this crop plant is also very easy even in dry areas or less water. Might make you curious in fact what are the benefits of this bidara leaf?
Some benefits of Bidara leaves

Leaf Bidara

-Bidara leaves to expel the disturbance of Genie

Perhaps you have heard the benefits or efficacy of this one leaf Bidara. Sounds absurd but the fact is so. If you've ever listened to some Ustad's lectures on how to repel the nuisance of a genie or magic they would recommend to use Bidara leaves as one of the suds. This is not excessive because since the time of the prophet has also used the leaves of Bidara to overcome the disturbance of magic and genie so it has proved potent.

For your family, relatives, colleagues and others if you experience a nuisance of a genie or magic because things can use Bidara leaves. Using it is very easy, you only have to take a few sheets and put in a water-filled glass. After that read some Qur'anic verses such as Al-Fatihah, the seat verse and others. Then wash the water into the body of a person experiencing magic or Genie disorder. Or another way is to mash the leaves of the Bidara and put the filled glass and read the Holy verses of the Qur'an. Do it regularly so that the results are maximized. Do not forget to always surrender to God and not be afraid of the disturbance of Genie and Magic

-Bidara leaves to bathe the body

Not only to overcome the disturbance of magic and Jinn alone, the other benefits of the leaves of this bidara is to bathe the body. In the past, the prophet also ordered his companions to use Bidara leaves when bathing the bodies. This is because in the leaves of Bidara there is a natural content that makes the body is more fragrant.

-Heal wounds

Not only for the mystical thing, but the leaves of this bidara also beneficial to the health of the human body one of them to heal the wound quickly. Scratches, burns and other wounds can be healed more quickly using Bidara leaves. The leaves of Bidara contain substances that stop the bleeding so that the wound quickly dry.

-Eliminate depression

In this modern era it is not surprising if someone has depression or stress. Depression seems to be commonplace due to the many demands in life. But that doesn't mean you can just ignore depression because depression or stress can trigger other ailments both psychic and physical pain. Depression or stress should be handled properly so as not to continue in the stage of severe depression. Use the herb from bidara leaves to overcome it. In the leaves of Bidara contains substances that are able to smooth the blood flow and able to relax the nerves so that the mind and body will calm and become relaxed and your depression will also be easily overcome.

-Increase appetite

Decreased appetite can be caused as too busy, accustomed to not eating or because of diseases in the body. Although it sounds trivial but this appetite should be considered due to the decrease of appetite in the time is not able to cause various other health disorders that are more severe such as disorders of the intestine and stomach acid. Consumption of Bidara leaves already packed in capsules to help increase your appetite.

-Prevents diabetes

Nowadays, diabetes is like a joy because the number of sufferers increases sharply and does not know gender and age. Bidara plants can help lower blood sugar levels for those of you who have not experienced diabetes or diabetics. So the maximum result of consumption routinely and you are free of diabetes.

-Increase metabolism of the body

The existence of various free radicals in the air such as dust, pollution and UV rays can not be avoided anymore. One way is to increase the metabolism of the body or antibodies. With a strong body metabolism free radicals also can not keep you skin easily. The leaves of Bidara are able to become a strong source of metabolism and have proven their usefulness.

-Nourish the stomach

The stomach of one of the organs is very important for human beings. Stomach function to accommodate food consumed before flowing into the intestines. But sometimes these gastric organs also have problems such as stomach acid disease, ulcer, and cancer. Having a healthy stomach is the key to keep your body healthy. By consuming the leaves of Bidara regularly you can avoid the diseases associated with the stomach.

-Nourish Your Mouth

Oral health should not be ignored. There are many disorders in the body caused by internal ailments. Usually problems in the mouth can be characterized by chapped lips or canker sores. Bidara leaves have a natural antioxidant content that is quite potent and able to drive a variety of bacteria that settle in the mouth so that the mouth will become healthier.

-Prevents cancer and tumors

Maybe it's familiar with the 2 types of cancer and tumors is not it? Tumors and cancer seem to be difficult to separate even though they are different. But tumors and cancer can both cause considerable death to the sufferer. Consuming the leaves of Bidara regularly can help you overcome and prevent the growth of Tumor cells and cancer in the body.

-Overcoming Unsmooth Menstruation

For the people of menstruation problems never loose because it has become his nature to experience menstruation. But not all women have regular menstrual cycles. There are also some women who are less fortunate with a messy and unfluent menstrual cycle. This menstrual cycle is also one of the key health for women, especially femininity problems, such as when it comes to gaining offspring. To help treat this problem can use the leaves of the Bidara routinely as an herb.

1-Strengthens the hair

Hair loss problems can occur to anyone not only in women but also in men even children can experience hair loss. Walapupun sounds trivial but hair loss can reduce confidence. Therefore the problem of hair loss should be handled correctly immediately. Using natural ingredients is better because it is safer and healthier one of them is to use Bidara leaves. Use a special ingredient for shampoo to make your hair healthier and stronger

-Overcoming Acne

Who is the heck that does not mumps when the pimples appear on his face? Especially if the pimples always appear at any time not even know its place. Both women and men of course do not like when having acne because besides indeed pain and pain but acne can also interfere with appearance. Now you do not have to worry anymore because nowadays there are bidara leaves that are able to treat acne easily and quickly used.

-Eliminate blood odor during menstruation

Menstruation is a phase that must be passed by women when they are grown and have not experienced menopause. Menstruation is the condition of the uterine wall collapses and eventually becomes bleeding, the blood coming out of the vagina is called menstrual blood. Normal menstruation and the Lancer come once a month. Menstruation also does not make a comfortable woman one of which is when the smell of menstrual blood is quite strong. It is commonplace but if you feel disturbed it can use the leaves of Bidara to help remove the blood odor during menstruation.

1-Quench thirst

Not only used as extractions of bidara leaves but you can also use the leaves of Bidara as a syrup. The Perasan of Bidara leaves can be processed and used as a syrup that has a distinctive flavor. This syrup is able to remove thirst when you thirst. Just relax because this syrup is certainly safe and healthy consumed by everyone.

-Beautify your face

Having a beautiful and captivating face appearance is certainly a dream for everyone especially women. Having a pretty face is not enough you should also make your face healthy. You can use Bidara leaves as a natural mask to get your facial skin soft and beautiful, toned and brighter. Using a bidara leaf herb mask can also make you look more youthful.

-Prevents dry skin

One of the skin problems that many experienced by people today is the problem of dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by various things. The presence of various free radicals and pollution also becomes one of the causes of dry skin problems. Use Bidara leaves as a remedy for dry skin problems.

-As animal feed

Not only beneficial for human beings but the leaves of this bidara also very well-liked by animals as a pack. Especially with the content of very good and beneficial substances can make your animal become healthier and not easily sick.

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