Actually, tomatoes are fruit or vegetables? What are the benefits of tomatoes?

The Status of tomatoes including vegetables or fruit, is still a confusion and the answers you get will even vary depending on who you ask. As reported from National Geographic (NATGEO), with consideration of its existence in the legislation of taxation of imported goods costs, tomatoes are included in the type of vegetables. But, based on how tomatoes grow, different answers will seem to you if you ask them to plant experts. Of course the status certainly will not affect the benefits of tomatoes for health.

Benefits of tomato Health

What are the benefits of tomatoes?

Benefits of tomato Health

Overcoming inflammation

The first bBenefit of tomatoes is as anti-inflammatory because tomatoes contain tomatine. In addition, the benefits of tomatoes can also remove fat and dirt on the face because it contains citric acid. The benefits of tomato also function as an antioxidant because it contains vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Prevents skin damage

According to a study, the lycopene is believed to improve the skin's ability to protect itself from exposure to ultraviolet rays and helps keep the skin looking youthful. In addition, the content of vitamin C in tomatoes also serves as an stimulant of collagen and antioxidants that help overcome skin damage by sunlight, pollution and smoke. Tomatoes also help in repairing the skin texture and preventing overall fine wrinkles.

Maintain eye health

The benefits of tomatoes can also make the eyes healthier because of its beta-carotene content. A study reveals that foods containing vitamin A are able to increase the productivity of the retina, especially in lighting that is lacking and in interpreting colour and improving eye development.

Overcoming Blood clots

The benefits of the next tomato can prevent blood clotting, overcoming fatigue, and increasing the quantity of sperm in males. In addition, the benefits of tomatoes are also useful to maintain a balance of body health.

Overcoming ulcers

The benefits of tomatoes that people rarely know are to treat ulcers. The way, heat the tomato meat and seeds and then put it on the top of the boils.

Overcoming Acne

Besides boils, the benefits of tomatoes that can be used for skin are treating acne. The way, cut the tomatoes then rub on the pimples evenly. Do it every day for 1 month.

Overcoming indigestion

The benefits of tomato next, tomatoes can restore lever function, overcome indigestion, prevent cholera to bile disease.

Overcoming heart disease

The antioxidant lycopene contained in tomatoes is believed to overcome heart disease, minimizing dark spots due to sunlight and facial wrinkles.

A number of studies show that tomato benefits are closely related to cardiovascular health and lower risk factors for heart disease. The content of the lycopennya and potassium effectively lowers the level of bad cholesterol or LDL and helps to maintain the stability of heart rhythm.

Nutritional content in tomatoes is also proven to reduce inflammation associated with the risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack, especially in people with obesity.

Maintain weight

The benefits of tomato this one is important for you who are doing weight loss, because a variety of nutritional content in tomatoes can be adequate nutritional needs at the time of diet.

Treating Sprains

The benefit of the last tomato is as a remedy that can cure sprains. How to destroy tomatoes using a blender or diuleg and mixed with sesame. Then heat the tomatoes until oily. Then the oil is used to massage and shrink joints that are sprains.

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