18 Benefits of banana fruit for body health

Banana fruit is easy to get at all places at an affordable price. Banana fruit is suitable for dessert. Eating bananas regularly turns out a lot of benefits of banana fruit for body health.

Expectant mothers should consume banana fruit regularly so that the fetus can grow and develop. This is because the banana fruit contains nutrients such as potassium and folic acid. Banana fruit helps the body to store the reserves of phosphorus, calcium, as well as nitrogen, which serves to build repair and regeneration of tissues in the body.

Benefits of banana fruit for body health

Benefits of Banana Fruit


Many banana fruits contain important vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Here are the benefits of banana fruit for body health.

Rich in vitamins and fibers

The banana fruit has 2x carbohydrates and 5x vitamin A content compared with the apple fruit. Bananas contain potassium with potassium levels reaching 400mg in a medium-sized banana. Therefore, banana fruit must be consumed to maintain heart health.

Energy sources

Carbohydrate content that exists in bananas can be a source of energy for the body. Consuming 2 bananas a day can add energy to do daily activtas and improve the immune system.

Lose weight

The benefits of banana fruit help lose weight. For those troubled with weight consuming banana fruit can help you lose weight. This is because the banana fruit has a relatively small calorie content.

Promotes brain health

By routinely consuming it and as much as 3x a day as dessert.

Treating Acne

How to use banana fruit as acne medication is to destroy ripe banana fruit flesh. Then apply on the skin of a breakouts face. Let stand for a few minutes then wash the face until clean. Repeat this routine until the acne disappears and the skin becomes clean.

Smoothes Facial Skin

For those troubled with dry and coarse skin, banana fruit meat so the solution. Like how to cure the Acne crush Banana then add with 1 spoon of honey. Use as a face mask. Do it regularly and the facial skin will be smooth.

Overcoming Diabetes

For diabetics, by consuming banana fruit typical of Gorontalo, the Goroho that is steamed and mixed with young coconut (shredded) can be used as an additional food for diabetics.

Balancing the amount of fluid

The body needs a considerable amount of fluid and adequate in support of all organ performance. Therefore, the content of potassium on the banana fruit is important to be able to help balance the amount of fluid in the body.

Treating Heartburn

This banana fruit is used as a solution when stomach ulcer. This is because the banana fruit has a substance that prevents acid in the body and so it can relieve ulcer.

Overcoming anemia

The content of iron in the banana fruit is high enough so suitable for people with anemia. Consuming 2 daily bananas can routinely overcome the deficiency of red blood cells or anemia.

Healthy Bones

Consuming banana fruit routinely can be useful to help nourish the bones. This is because this banana fruit is one type of fruit that has a high manganese content.

Curing Burns

You can use the banana plant parts to heal burns. The way, take the ashes of banana leaves, then add coconut oil. Apply on burned skin.

Preventing heart disease

Banana fruit can be used to prevent heart disease, this is because the banana fruit contains the content of flavonoids and vitamin C that is antioxidant and can prevent the process of fat oxidation. The potassium in the banana fruit is a good tonic for heart health. Fiber pectin can help lower cholesterol.

Facilitate the digestive system

Consuming banana fruit with routine could help the digestive performance system to be better. So that the nutrients from the food consumed can be absorbed and used by the body optimally.

Blood circulation

Banana fruit has potassium content that is beneficial to help the circulation of the body. In the end the circulation of oxygen to the brain becomes smoother. Potassium can also serve to help reduce the risk of stroke, smooth heart rate, and regulate blood pressure.

Reduce pain during menstruation

If you often feel pain during menstruation, then overcome the pain by using banana fruit. Consume banana fruit then the pain can be reduced.

Reduce swelling

Banana fruit serves to reduce swelling, protect the risk of type 2 diabetes, strengthen the body's nervous system, help lose weight, and help to produce white blood cells. This is due to the high content of vitamin B-6 in banana fruit.

Treating constipation

Bananas can be used as a natural constipation solution. Banana fruit can serve to help to facilitate bowel movements. By consuming banana fruit can prevent the tightening of feces which is an early symptom of constipation.

That's some benefits of banana fruit for body health. Consuming banana fruit helps to smooth digestion, to prevent heart attack, lowering cholesterol levels, and much more...

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