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Some Benefits of Palm Fruit For Health

One of the fruits that is sought by many people in the month of Ramadan is palm fruit. The fruit that has a sweet flavor is much favored by people at the time of breaking the fast. Not only the taste is sweet, according to health studies mentioned if the fruit of the date turns out to have a lot of benefits for the health of the body. What are the side effects of palm fruit for that health?

Benefits of palm fruit

Some Benefits of Palm Fruit For Health
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Here are 10 list of palm fruit benefits for health that you need to know.

1. Restoring Stamina after fasting

The benefit of palm fruit for the first health is to be able to restore energy or stamina after fasting faster than other foods. Dates have 50 to 70% glucose content so it is very good when consumed when breaking the fast. Sugar content in this date palm fruit can be quickly absorbed by the body and make the body will be fit again. So, take the benefits of palm fruit for this health to restore your energy or stamina that decreases during fasting.

2. Strengthens cells in the intestines

The benefit of palm fruit for the second health is to strengthen the intestinal cells. If we consume dry palm fruit with a routine, then we can get the benefits of cell-cells that are becoming increasingly stronger. It can certainly help the gastrointestinal tract become healthier. So, if you want to avoid indigestion, you can try to take benefits of palm fruit for health that can strengthen the cell in the intestines to positively affect the health of the digestive system.

3. Avoid various harmful diseases

The benefit of palm fruit to other unexpected health is to be able to prevent various dangerous diseases. Health experts mention if we consume the fruit of the date regularly, then we can reduce the risk of stroke disease attacks. Not only that, palm fruit also has the ability to make cells-nerve cells can become quieter so that it can make the thyroid gland awake to its health. If the children and the elderly routinely consume the fruit of date in the morning and night, then they will reduce the risk of psychiatric disorder problems. Very big is not the benefit of palm fruit for health to prevent these kinds of diseases?

4. Helps to recover after childbirth

The benefits of palm fruit for health can also restore the condition of postnatal mothers. Not thought, the mother who just gave birth should be routinely consume wet date because it can prevent postnatal bleeding and help the recovery process in the uterus. The presence of hormones similar to the hormones oxytocin on palm fruit is what serves to help recovery after childbirth.

5. Assisting the production of breast milk

Not only useful dates for mothers hamilrestoring The condition of the mother's body after childbirth, the consumption of palm fruit can also help the production of breast milk (ASI). The ripe date fruit turns out to contain a lot of iron and calcium that can help the production of breast milk for the better. Not only that, the nutrients from the palm fruit helps the formation of blood and bone marrow in infants since they are in the womb.

6. Cancer prevention

Not only delicious to consume, the fruit of the date is also beneficial to prevent cancer cells. The benefits of palm fruit for health can suppress the mutation of cancer cells is related to the content of polyphenols are high enough in palm fruit. Polyphenols are antioxidant substances capable of ward off free radicals. In addition, date fruit also has anti-cancer substances called beta Dglucan. Therefore, consuming the fruit of date routinely with an amount that is not excessive can prevent cancer.

7. Preventing Heart disease

Heart disease is one of the deadly diseases that are a scourge to many people. If you want to have a healthy and strong heart, of course you have to exercise regularly and apply a healthy lifestyle. Besides having to exercise regularly and apply healthy lifestyle, consuming the fruit of the date routinely also able to prevent heart disease. Not only able to prevent heart disease only, apparently fruit palm is also able to prevent high cholesterol.

8. Overcoming Anemia

Disease less blood or often called anemia, can interfere with one's activity. When experiencing less blood or anemia, a person will tend to experience pale, lethargic and painful headaches. One of the benefits of palm fruit for health can prevent and treat anemia. Palm fruit has a very high content of folic acid to help the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, take advantage of palm fruit to improve the condition of the body due to anemia.

9. Overcoming Stomach Constipation

Constipation or difficulty in bowel movements is a very troublesome health disorder. To overcome constipation, you can consume foods that are rich in fiber. One of the foods rich in fiber is palm fruit. By consuming regular date fruit, you can avoid constipation or disturbing bowel problems.

10. Beauty Care for Skin

Apparently palm fruit is not only delicious consumed. Palm fruit can also be used for skin beauty treatment. Date fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E which is very important for the skin regeneration process. Therefore, you will consume the palm fruit to keep the skin smooth and avoid the problem of premature aging.
When choosing the palm fruit, we should choose which still has the skin aria tau outer membrane. Make sure the palm fruit is not sticky when it is held and not exposed to sugar and honey. Choose a date fruit that still has a yellowish red or reddish brown. The blackish palm fruit tends to be less clean and less quality. Choose the best date fruit so that you can take the benefit of palm fruit for maximum health. There are many more benefits of palm fruit, among others: the benefits of dates for fertility, side effects of palm fruit, date of eating benefits in the morning, the benefits of dates for beauty, the benefits of palm fruit for pregnant women, the benefits of dates to diet.

After knowing the benefits of palm fruit to the health above, still you may consume this sweet date? Next article we will share about the benefits of young dates fruits.

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