Cucumber including fruits or vegetables?

Cucumber actually vegetable or fruits? 

cucumber vegetables ora fruits

Cucumber is enjoyed as a drink or fresh vegetables.

Cucumbers are often used as fresh vegetables along with basil leaves and cabbage. Having a savory flavor, cucumber is suitable to serve as a complementary food that gives a fresh flavor.

For those of you who enjoy eating cucumber, of course you also want to know whether the cucumber is a type of vegetable or fruit, and what its nutrients.

According to science, fruit is interpreted as part of a plant that develops from flowers containing plant seeds.
Since cucumbers include growing from flowers and containing seeds, cucumber can be said to be fruit.

Not just cucumbers, other types such as peanuts, peppers, tomatoes and pumpkins can also be categorized as fruit. But in view in the field of culinary, vegetables and fruits can be distinguished based on texture and taste. Since cucumber is used to be a low sugar and crispy dish, that is why cucumber is considered as vegetables by the chefs.

Culinary experts or chefs believe that how to distinguish fruits and vegetables is from texture, flavor, and use in certain dishes.

The fruit usually has a sweet flavor and has a soft texture.
While vegetables, usually have a harsh texture and have a bitter taste.

The question of whether cucumbers belong to vegetables or fruits, it turns out that cucumber is rich in nutrients and low in calories, and contains plenty of water that can prevent dehydration, and effective in weight loss.

Cucumber is an effective beauty ingredient for skin. Cucumbers can remove swollen eyes and dark circles or can be used as face masks, soaps or toners.

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