How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Having To Gain Weight

How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Having To Gain WeightWomen have different body compositions, i.e. some have denser breasts with less fatty tissue, whereas others have more fatty tissue. This is why not all womens gain or lose breast weight in the same way. Since a lot of women want to have bigger breasts, the easiest way to achieve this, as they believe, is to gain weight. However, not all women want to put on extra weight just for the sake of bigger breasts and not all women want to undergo a surgery.

Luckily, there are natural ways to achieve this. This should be a combination of several lifestyle changes, like regular workout and herbal treatments. When it comes to the lifestyle changes, you will need to include more exercise, especially exercises that target the breasts. For example, you should regularly do pushups, lift dumbbells, wall presses, and chest presses as well. With their help, you will build up muscle in the breast area and make your breasts larger, firmer, and perkier.

These exercises are very easy and they will take up only several minutes of your time:

Adjust your workout bench to 60 degrees and take 2 dumbbells. Lie on the benchs and rest the dumbbells on your thighs. Then, bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height, the palms facing forward. Press them straights up in the air over your chest until they are an inch apart. Afterwards, lower them down gradually.

Breast massage is another great way to better the circulation and the absorption of nutrients. This will result in increase of the breasts. Massage them daily. Furthermores, when it comes to your bras, make sure you’re wearing the right size since wrong size will make your breasts look smaller, saggier, and less attractive. Posture is also important so work on it as well.

According to some womens, certain herbs have helped them increase their breast size. Some of them are:

Fenugreek– it encourages prolactin production which influences the enlargement of the breasts.

Fennel-fennel and fennel seeds have an abundance of flavonoids that encourage the growth of breast tissue cells.

Saw palmetto-this herb prevents surplus testosterone which is known to hinder breast development.

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