Would I Want to be a Woman?

The amazing supermum (in heels) Mama-tude otherwise known as Jen Hogan asked me. “Would you want to be a woman?”

I resisted my normal urge to reply with a flippant. “Of course, I could sit at home and play with my boobs all day!”

It got me thinking though, especially with today being International Woman’s Day.

Growing up all the women around me were equal to the men I knew.

Both my adoptive parents were teachers. They took an equal share in the child rearing stakes. My Mother taught Math and Science, went to the US some summers to work on research projects. My only Grandmother had raised her three girls alone, after my Grandfather died shortly after arriving back home from fighting in WW2 in Europe.

My Aunts were independent women.

It was all I knew.

As an adult I’ve more female friends than male.

I’ve experienced men who are idiots. Adulterous, disrespectful and living by outdated stereotypes. I’d never witnessed or heard from friends anything like some of the #metoo accounts women have been sharing.

Sadly I’ve been made aware that I had friends who in all likelihood experienced similar treatment from men. They just hadn’t told me.

So back to the original question. Would I like to be a woman?

There are two ways to look at this.

  • Being a woman, but as me, to experience what it is like
  • Being a woman from birth.

Being a Woman (As me)

This I’d do in a heartbeat. Empathy can take you so far but there is nothing like actually experiencing something for yourself. Living and breathing, feeling what it is actually like.

Being a Woman from Birth.

Now this is an altogether different prospect.

On the one hand I know so many awesome women who see only the positives to being a woman.

Then on the other hand I know myself fairly well and I’m not sure I’m strong enough to cope with some of what women have to endure.

So I’d have to say yes. If it was just a test drive so to speak. An opportunity to experience what being a woman is like.

What about you? Would you like to swap gender?

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