Word of the Week 6

This week’s word was going to be travel, just in case you’ve missed it, this time next week the OMG clan will be on a jumbo jet crossing the Atlantic.

That all changed though when I read about the campaign Channel Mum are running around post baby body image. I had to write about it, and two posts in one day is a bit much for my poor readers to take.

So this week’s word of the week is

It came as no surprise to me to learn that a negative body image from Mothers is being picked up by their daughters.

Mrs OMG has very poor body image. So much so she won’t get into a swimming costume whilst on holiday. There’s nothing to her! Now dont get me wrong she’s had 5 pregnacies and 4 children. The stomachs not as flat as it was, and the bum and thinghs have a bit more about them. Overweight she isn’t.  She had anorexia as a teen and ended up hospitalised. Thankfully it’s not that bad nowadays but I do worry that Little Miss OMG will pick up on it.

It seems I’m right to be concerned. 

Seven in ten mums say their young children have repeated back negative phrases about their appearance after hearing their mothers say it.

Four in ten children have complained ‘I feel fat’ along with 41 per cent who repeated ‘I don’t like my tummy.’

A further third have asked to go on a diet while 14 per cent have cried ‘I don’t like my body’.

And one in ten kids even criticised their size of their bottom, after learning the words from their mother.

I’ve already heard Little Miss OMG say “My belly is big” She’s only TWO! Now this might not be due to her Mother. I’m constantly telling her brothers not to say “Look at your big belly!” To her.

What is even more shocking is that of the 2000 Mums surveyed a massive 71% have received negative comments about their post baby bodies. Family and strangers are the most likely culprits. Although 13 % were even shamed by their GP or Health Visitor.

To overcome the crisis

Three quarters of mums are now calling for advertisers to use more realistic mum body images in commercials, such as ditching images of new mums with taut stomachs on the beach in a bikini with a newborn baby.

Two thirds (62%) are pushing for celebrities to be more honest, with those claiming to ‘snap back into shape’ after birth to reveal they have actually followed an intensive diet and exercise regime. 

Almost two thirds (64%) of mums say they now follow celebrity mums who have been open about their post-birth bodies on social media, with Giovanna Fletcher, Louise Pentland, Rebekah Vardy and Charlotte Louise Taylor voted the most inspiring

A further 57 per cent also want more ordinary people to share post-baby body snaps online. 

One in 14 mums has already shared a ‘Post Baby Body’ selfie on social media and two in five pregnant mums are planning to post their own images.

Eighty-five per cent mums want post-birth bodies to be celebrated whatever the shape, with a third of claiming to be proud of their stretchmarks – dubbed ‘tiger stripes’, while 21 per cent celebrate their C-section scar. 

You can find out more about the campaign here Channel Mum

Let’s stop body shaming and embrace those wonderful post baby bodies.

Mum’s you are beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of those stretchmarks and extra pounds you have after carrying and giving birth to your children.

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