Word of the Week 5

If last week’s word of the week was Sunshine then this week’s word has to be rain!

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday here in Ireland and the boys were given Tuesday as a mini midterm. Four days off school and a hurling semi final meant only one thing.  It was going to rain, and rain it did.

In typical Irish fashion though the rain was interspersed with sunny periods. This just serves to get the kids excited at the prospect of going outside. Only for it to start raining again  twenty minutes later!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that Little Miss OMG loves nothing better than jumping in puddles. 

Thankfully we found a pair of Buddy’s old waterproof dungarees. She can run and splash as much as she wants without fear of getting wet.

Monday was the Stepsons hurling semi final. Sure enough it rained non stop all day. Unless you play for the county, or make it to the final, hurling matches are played in fields without stands for spectators. So we brave the elements. Not so bad on a warm summers evening. 

Not so good on a wet, windy bank holiday Monday. Luckily I’m prepared for such an occasion. Well I’m not, this is me we’re talking about. Since having kids I’m slightly more prepared on their behalf. So we had wellies, waterproof dungarees, raincoat and a hat for Little Miss OMG. She took a shine to Mrs OMG’s umbrella and took that too.

Hopefully when we hit the states in a few weeks the weather will be a lot dryer.

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