Word of the Week 3

We missed word of the week last week. Week One’s word was What?  For week two we had Genetics.

There can only be one word this week. Sleep! Well more accurately lack of sleep.

Buddy wasn’t the best sleeper. In a moment of generosity (read madness) I said I’d do all the night feeds. At the time I didn’t realise just how bad a sleeper he was going to be!

I also didn’t realise that this was going to carry over to Little Miss OMG 7 years later! She makes Buddy seem like a hibernating bear!! 

Not one night has she slept through! Some nights I get hourly wake ups, in a lot of cases she doesn’t even wake. Just rolls around on the bed whinging in her sleep.

I’m not one for sleep training. When there are three other kids we can’t afford for her to scream the house down and wake everyone else up.

So it looks like we’ll be watching BabyTV in the wee small hours for a while longer.

To be fair to Mrs OMG she will take over some mornings or let me disappear for a nap when Little Miss OMG has hers.

2 thoughts on “Word of the Week 3”

  1. Finn is almost 3 and still wakes up at least once every night. Usually more. Our other two weren’t like this. They were great sleepers. It’s frustrating isn’t it? People suggested skipping a nap or wearing him out so he’s extra tired, but that actually makes it worse for him. I love sleep so this is torture. Hope it gets better for both of you!

    1. Yep. Big two were a nightmare to get into bed. A few weeks of being firm and they finally got it. Buddy was nearly 5 before he slept through. Little Miss OMG is a different story. Like you we’ve skipped naps. She just got really, really cranky and overtired. She doesn’t tire we’ve tried everything!!

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