Word of the Week 1

We’ve already covered Little Miss OMG’s love of the outdoors and her determined streak here, and how she can tell a fib or two here

She also has a mischievous streak! 

Her vocabulary is coming along leaps and bounds. It seems every day she has new words.

Meam = Ice Cream (It also doubles for trampoline)

No swiftly became her most popular word.

Bobby = Bottle

More often used when the Bobby is empty.

Door pretty straightforward really.

But her newest and now most frequently used word is WHA! Meaning what?

Normally it’s used when she is asked to stop doing something.

“Can you stop pulling at the mirror please.”

Wha !

“Can you put on your shoes before you go outside?”

Wha !”

But the other side to her use of “Wha?” is more mischievous, she uses it when the answer should be yes. For example, 

“Are you pooey?” Her response “Wha?” The smell gives it away! 

“Who made the mess?” Yes you guessed it, Little Miss OMG sitting in the middle of said mess “Wha?” The smile gives away the fact she knows exactly what the question is!

I’ve said it before, and will probably say it a few more times. That girl is gonna be trouble !! 

What words did your little one come out with? 

photo credit: Reflecting On Words via photopin (license)

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