Why I'm Betting on the US Powerball with Lottoland.

I’ve never been one for planning ahead. I vaguely remember a pensions salesman giving a pitch when I was 16. It just washed over me. Then again, I was only a Saturday employee.

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Now you’d have thought that, as I’ve ended up technically homeless a few times throughout my life. I might have cottoned on a bit. Nope. This is me we’re talking about.

See I’ve always had this ability to land on my feet. There’s always been someone who had a spare room for a few nights. Till I got a place. Could lend me a few pound for food till I got my paycheck.

An ex of mine actually managed to save for a deposit on a house whilst at uni! I was working all the time and couldn’t make my wages last the month. Never mind being a student AND saving.

I wish I was that sensible some times. Other times I remember all the stuff I would have missed out on if I was sensible.

Getting stranded in Kavos. Waking up on a train in a siding because I’d missed the last stop. Sleeping on the Women’s Institute door step in Chipping Norton as I didn’t know the address of the person who’d said I could crash at theirs! Not to mention being given a tetanus injection by a half blind 90 year old Greek woman!

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That’s just some of my adventures. Amazingly I never suffered any serious injuries or had anything that bad happen to me. There was that one time I hitch hiked and, got a bit nervous when the fella said he wasn’t heading the way I was going! 

Since becoming a Stepdad to an Autistic son and his older brother, nearly 10 years ago. I’ve spent a bit more time pondering the future. Even more since I became an actual Dad!

Not for my sake. For his and his siblings. He is highish functioning, but is very easily led. Also has no idea about money management, and safety, much as we are trying to teach him.

It seems that he is going to need at least assisted living if not someone with him most, if not all of the time. That’s all well and good whilst Mrs OMG and I are in a position to care for him. Once we are too old or have gone then I wonder who would care for him.

Is it fair to expect his brothers or sister to share the load? Or even one of them have to take full responsibility. Hopefully they will have families and/or careers of their own.

We are putting what little we can spare into an insurance fund that will help towards care costs. 

This will help but isn’t going to go too far. There are also the future costs of his brothers and sisters going to College. Their first cars, etc

So for a bit of fun and the chance of winning one of their super jackpots the Mrs and I have started betting on the  Powerball and Euromillions draws with Lottoland.

It’s very simple. You pick your numbers, pay your stake and if your numbers come up then Lottoland pay out the same as if you’d bought an actual Powerball or Euromillions ticket. 

All large payouts are guaranteed due to a unique Securities Insurance. 

What would you do with your winnings if you hit the Euromillions jackpot? How about if you won a huge payout on the Powerball? 

Disclaimer Lottery betting is not advisable as a long term pension goal.

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