When you're Toddler is active.

Anyone who follows my Instagram gallery will know that Little Miss OMG does four things. Eat, sleep, bath and playing outdoors.

She has no interest in TV and doesn’t sit still long enough to play with the array of toys she has acquired in the 17 months since she was born.
Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue. She would be put down as an active child and norhing else would be thought of it. The difference here is that her brother has a diagnosis of ADHD. 

Maybe her mother is overly concerned, because of this. If he didn’t have the diagnosis would she be concerned? I don’t know.

Am I burying my head in the sand and not admitting she is too active because she is my daughter ? 

You see there is active and then there is ACTIVE! She climbs the furniture. Onto the toilet, then the cistern and then the window sill! Outside she will climb the fence, try to get her little leg over to get out of the garden. She knows no fear and does not give up.

Look at the expression on her face in the photo here.

Today, and this is what has me thinking Mrs OMG might be right, and it would be sensible to get her referred into someone. She climbed the first rung of the fence. Lay on the top one, balancing her body and lifted her feet so she lay Superman style across the top. She then tipped too far. Thankfully we were right beside her and Mrs OMG was holding her hand. By luck more than judgement she landed on her feet. A shocked expression on her face.

What did she do next? Went straight back around to climb the fence and do it again!

This is only one of a number of similar incidents. She cannot be left alone anywhere for even a minute. 

Is this normal toddler behaviour? Her brothers, except Number 2 stepson, who has ADHD didn’t do this! Is she just copying the boys?

I really don’t know. I do know that if a friend asked me for advice. I would suggest maybe a referral is better. If there’s nothing there you’ve lost nothing but a bit of time. If there is, it’s better to find out earlier, isn’t it?

So I think it’s time to bite the bullet and fill in the forms we’ve had for a month now and see what happens.

Do you think I’m over reacting and Little Miss OMG is just a boisterous 17 month old? 

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