What Might Have Been !!


It’s amazing what science can do these days! I saw a movie on True Movies the other day, about a couple who lost their daughter to a genetic disorder, and had a clone made.

It got me thinking. What would have happened if I had been given the choice to pre select the gender of the child. As you can tell from the blog title,I was terrified at the prospect of having a daughter. I would probably  have chosen to have a boy.

Now that #BabyPink is here I wouldn’t change her for the world though. Already she has her own little personality. A little cute smile, when she is asleep (I’d love to know what she is dreaming about!) She wraps her little arm around me when I have her on my shoulders. That little glint in her eyes, which I know is going to be the cause of more disagreements between herself and me.

That is nothing though to the other changes. When I was a small boy I remember wanting to change the world. To be a hero. I even said it one day to the girlfriend at the time. I was about 26. “If I died tomorrow, what would I be remembered for? I’ve accomplished nothing.” She told me I was mad. Still to this day though I have a feeling I’ve wasted my potential.

In the short space that #BabyPink has been here, things have started to change. I’ve realized, you don’t have to find a cure for a disease, rescue people from a burning building, pull someone from a car wreck to be a hero. When you have children, if you do your job right, you are a hero to them.

#BabyPink has changed that view slightly. I still want to be a hero. Just not the pulling people from burning buildings type. Just being her hero is enough. I’m looking forward to the father’s day she hands me a present of a t-shirt or mug, with “My Hero” or the Superman logo on it. Bought from her own money. Then I will know, my live has meaning.

Not that I don’t want to be a hero to the boys. Just boys like their action hero’s. It’s not enough to be the first one in the queue to collect them from school, to scour the net for hours to find those hard to get soccer boots for their birthday. Standing on the sidelines, no matter the weather, watching them play a friendly match. A little girl will think you are her hero by carrying her across a puddle in the rain, eating her carrots when mum isn’t looking,

As I sit here now typing this post. Her gentle breathing, like a cute, pink metronome in her cot, I thank the Lord that I wasn’t given that choice. If I had my world would be a lot less pink, but I know it wouldn’t be as good.There are going to be OMG moments, that there wouldn’t be if she’d been a boy, but I’m a lot more optimistic now.

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