What A Difference A Few Weeks Make !

If you’ve read through my earlier posts you may have read this one Clothes Shopping. Back then just the thought of entering the girls section in the clothes shops had me running for the paracetamol.

Shopping was never my favourite past time. A long time ago BK (Before Kids) I used to go clothes shopping for myself. Quite regularly actually. I’d visit the Emporio Armani shop in Covent Garden, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Boxers. I even ventured onto 5th Avenue in New York once. In the time AK (After Kids) I’ve not really bothered. More I think due to lack of money to be able to buy those sorts of clothes, and the ones I can afford everyone is wearing.

Even when shopping for clothes for the boys I’m not the best shoppers assistant. The problem with the shops I can afford to buy my children’s clothes from, is that they are the same ones that everyone else seems to shop in.  I’ve always liked being different. Standing out from the crowd. I once owned a bright green silk shirt, a pair of bright red denim jeans. I had a bright yellow and purple LA Lakers jacket, before wearing US sports clothing was fashionable.

When I was working and had decent money coming in, I used to often take herself and the kids off to Kildare Village, Limerick etc and splash out on nice clothes for them. As soon as we found out my son was a boy, we went straight to Next and spent a few hundred euro.

Now that #BabyPink is here I want her to stand out. To be stylish and unique. Shopping in Tesco’s, Dunnes or Pennys thats not going to happen. I do though find myself wandering into the girls sections and having a nose. You never know you might find a hidden gem at the back of the rail.


Having family living in the US is a godsend. So far three parcels have arrived from family, all containing clothes. All different to anything I’ve seen here. I’ve also spent way much more time than I should have, using Google, to search for cheap, unique clothes for #BabyPink.

I even had a quick look on some designers pages. Isn’t this dress just gorgeous. #BabyPink would look so cute in it. €128 bit out of my price range at the moment.

Monnalisa Dress
Monnalisa Dress

Luckily due to a medical condition herself does not drive. Looks like it’ll be me taking #BabyPink on shopping trips. Hopefully finances will improve and we’ll be off to Brown Thomas. I’m sure the boys would look great in Armani. I know I used to.

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