Weekly Round Up from the World of the OMG's

Hello loyal reader. This will hopefully be the start of a regular Saturday post detailing all the weird and wonderful things we’ve done, watched, read and eaten this last week. It will include some of the above list but you might find other randomness thrown in for good measure.

So here we go.

Pumpkins and Pirates!

We bid farewell to our Halloween pumpkins yesterday, and it’s not even Halloween yet. The excitement of being one of the first families to go on the Rathwood Pirate Adventure has been dampened by the fact that our pumpkins have gone to the big pumpkin patch in the sky!

Still on a Halloween theme it would appear Buddy is more like his Dad than I previously thought. Friday was the last day of term and they were having the annual fancy dress end of term party. He was quite happy to bring in sweets but didn’t want to dress up! I might have been known to turn up to the office fancy dress party as “myself” once or twice. One Halloween I went as a clothes shop mannequin!

The Midnight Chef!

For some inexplicable reason Little Miss OMG has swapped time zones. By my calculations her body is operating about 5 hours behind GMT. Which puts her in the USA or Canada. It means we have spent evenings/nights with quality one to one time. Binge watching Vampirina, painting, colouring and baking cakes! Her brothers are loving the seemingly endless supply of cakes!

Normal Service is Resumed

After the ravages of storms Ophelia and Brian meant there were no rugby or hurling matches played the last two weekends. This weekend sees a return to normal service.

Buddy has a rugby match. Thankfully at home, so we might just make it back in time for the Spurs vs Man U match.

Then Sunday stepson #2 has his hurling quarter final.

Well that’s it for this week. Next week is half term so lie ins all round.

The clocks go back tonight so at least that’s one hour knocked off Little Miss OMGs falling asleep time.

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