Trolley Bags Review

I hate shopping! More than any other type I hate food shopping the most, so when the lovely people at Trolley Bags asked did I want to review their shopping bags I said “YES!”

Disclaimer I was given a set of Trolley Bags to review free of charge in exchange for a full and honest review. All opinions are my own. Click here read full disclosure statement.

Anything that makes shopping quicker and easier is a winner in my book. Also the fact we have about 50 bags and keep forgetting to bring them into the shop with us! So end up buying yet more!

So we threw the Trolley Bags and Little Miss OMG into the car and off we went. 

At the shop we put the shopping bags into the trolley, which took all of 5 seconds to do and off we went.

Once Mrs OMG grasped the concept of putting the items into the relevant bag, (She never really got it, so I had to move things as she put them in) we breezed round the shop. Let’s be honest now the bags weren’t going to make much difference to this bit. Were they!

The till was where they were going to succeed or fail. OMG! Gone were the days of rummaging through the scanned items to enable proper bag packing. (I get very upset if stuff is just thrown into bags!) 

The shopping came out the Orange bag. Was scanned and back into it. Blue, Red and Green just as smoothly. The Orange bag is so big. I even managed to put the freezer bag inside it, and put the frozen food into it without batting an eyelid.

The bags were packed and ready to go before Mrs OMG had even paid. RESULT!

Out to the car. One, two, three, four bags in and off we went. No more wedging bags in on top of each other, wondering is the bread going to get squashed or crisps smashed into little pieces.

Unloading at home was just as quick and easy! 

I think its love! The Trolley Bags never leave the  car now. I can’t risk forgetting them and going back to shopping bag hell!

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