Top Five Reasons I Wish I Was a Toddler.

Toddlers rock and here are my top five reasons for wanting to be a toddler again.

Toddlers rock. Here's five reasons why.

As a boy I was mad to grow up. I wanted to get a job, house of my own a wife and kids. (I know, madness)

I mean, those bills have to be paid every month! Kids grow really really fast. Shoes, trousers and shirts need buying frequently. Not to mention soccer boots and sports gear.

I recently saw a debate asking what age you would like to be again?

I’m a bit weird. So I’ve been told once or twice. rather than being in my 20’s or 30’s or even back to school days, which I loved. I want to be a toddler.

Clothes are optional for toddlers.

Since having Little Miss OMG my already limited Primak’s finest wardrobe has been even more neglected. Gone are the days of wearing Armani. This isn’t much of an issue. No one notices the fact I own two pairs of jeans. A different t-shirt each day makes it seem like a new outfit.

Little Miss OMG on the other hand has FOUR drawers full of clothes. Last count she had 20 t-shirts and nobody knows how many leggings. We don’t have wails of “I’ve no clothes!” from her though.

Why not? Clothes are optional to a toddler. Knickers and wellies are perfectly acceptable attire for puddle jumping on a wet and windy Autumn day! Feeling constricted in your clothing? Well strip off and run around the house starkers.

Self Confidence is at Donald Trump levels.

At times I lack confidence. Be it in my own abilities or approaching people. If it wasn’t for the birth of the internet I wouldn’t complain about anything. Overcharged on a bill, oh well. Mouldy bread, it happens.

Little Miss OMG has no such worries. Someone at the park playing on her swing. She’s there. “It’s mine!” Not enjoying her brothers choice of TV programme. Over she goes and demands her favourite is put on. Doesn’t matter who else is playing she is there. Not hungry at dinnertime. A refusal to eat or throwing dinner at her brothers normally ends up with dinner finishing early for her.

Toddlers sleep when they want.

I’ve suffered from insomnia for as long as I can remember. At boarding school I’d stand on my bed reading by the light of the street lamp till all hours. Or I’d listen to the radio or Billy Connolly tapes on my Walkman. As an adult I end up looking at the clock, calculating the hours until I have to be up. Then horsing as much coffee into me to keep me awake.

Toddlers sleep when and where they want.

Little Miss OMG has no such worries. She sleeps when she wants. Feeling a bit sleepy at 7.30pm. No problem she’ll sleep till 2am and wake up hungry and ready to play till the early hours. Off for a drive in the car. Naptime to a toddler.

Ice Cream is acceptable for any meal.

Whilst us adults have to worry about the food pyramid. Fibre, 5 a day or 10 a day. Saturated fat, sugar, carbohydrates. Mono saturates, omega 3 fish oils. Not to mention vitamins and minerals.

Ice cream is an acceptable food choice for all meals.

Given the choice and left to their own devices ice cream would be the main food stuff for all meals. They might mix it up a bit for some variety. In a cone or a bowl. With syrup or without. Sprinkles or marshmallows. The possibilities are endless. It has strawberries in it that’s a fruit so its healthy.

When all else fails throw a tantrum.

We’ve all been there. Walking round the supermarket and we witness a toddler throwing the mother of all tantrums. In all likelihood the cause of this outpouring of emotions was probably because they were told NO!

There are a good few occasions on a weekly basis that I’d love to be able to throw a tsunami sized tantrum. Alas I’m an adult so we have to keep the emotions under control. No wailing and thrashing about on the floor for us.

How about you? What age would you like to be again?

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