The Top Five Reasons Little Miss OMG Infuriates Me!

There she is as pretty as a princess in her Hello Kitty wellies and Tracksuit. Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior. She can make even the most patient mild mannered individual go insane.

Here are her top five infuriating moments. In true Top of the Pops style it will be a countdown. 

Cue the music.

05: Asks for something and then, even though we’ve double and triple checked, before preparing it. Complains it’s not what she wanted! We’ve not even reached the square or triangle stage yet. Please give me strength!

04:  Won’t lie still for a nappy change! Kicking, rolling, squealing and running away. Not so bad at home. Not the greatest when you’re in the baby changing room at Tesco and you know full well there are a line of judging parents waiting outside listening to every word!

03:  Making a liar out of me. “No she wouldn’t eat a thing for me” “Yes I tried every single meal she likes” “No she wouldn’t eat it” Two minutes later she is sat down quietly eating the same bloody thing I tried to get her to eat FIVE minutes before her Mother walked through the door!

02:  The battle EVERY time to get her strapped into the car seat. Again not so bad on the driveway at home.  Public car parks and it looks like I’m attempting to kidnap her! She’s destined for Hollywood.

01: Lies down with her blanket and bottle to go to sleep. Doesn’t move a muscle for twenty minutes and then suddenly sits up, climbs out the bed, turns the light on and starts dragging her toys out!

Repeat every thirty minutes for at least two hours!!

So there you have it. What do your little ones do that send you to the edge of insanity?

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