The Times They are a Changing!

As the great Bob Dylan sang so many years ago. The times are most definitely a changing.

Dave at DadvWorld wrote a great piece about kids and tech, read it here. The fab blogger that is Nigel Higgins also wrote one about his 4 year old twins and mobile phones. Read it here.

It got me thinking. My generation was one of, if not the last to grow up without the internet and mobile phones.

All of my children know their way round a smart phone. They can download games from the play store. Using multiple devices doesn’t throw them at all. Buddy can use my Huawei smart phone and then pick up his Galaxy Tablet and has no problems with slight nuances in the functions.

Even Little Miss OMG will see a phone and say “Baby, Baby” until you cave and hand her the phone with the gallery open. She then has her one finger swipe through the gallery. Till she gets bored, or presses the wrong thing.

Little Miss OMG on the laptop.

Xbox, PS4 and laptops are no trouble. They all understand about hotspots and wifi. 

Nowadays you can boil a kettle and control your heating from your smartphone. You can even watch your CCTV cameras. In my day you had to walk across the room to change the bloody tv channel.

License: (license)

The doomsayers amongst us say that Skynet is coming!

I think it’s a good thing. Technology has opened so many doors and given opportunities to many that would never have had them.

My boys dream of being YouTubers. Like DanTDM and Stampey. Until I started blogging I just thought they were people who recorded themselves playing computer games or acting the idiot. Now that I’ve seen how much they can earn, if they can do it, then why not. It’s no different than being a TV star really, and is it any different to my dreams of playing at Wembley in the FA Cup final for Spurs?

To be honest I’d rather they did that than go on reality tv and become famous for doing nothing really.

So as Bob said “The times they are a changing” and from my wifi addicted corner of Ireland I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Now if they could invent a machine to butter my toast I’d be away with it.

What do you think? Is the technological age we live in a bad thing. Were we better off without mobile phones and the interweb?

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