The Salty Pelican – Fernandina Beach, Florida 

If you’ve read any of my posts you are probably aware we are like the Griswolds! Nothing goes smoothly for us. Just take a read of this post to see what I mean.

Even going out to dinner isn’t a simple affair. The first night in Florida my Aunt brought some sausage and chicken gumbo with her. The plan was to then go out as an extended family the next two nights. The first restaurant we visited was The Salty Pelican Bar and Grill.

Is she coming or staying?

So we’re all ready to go, except Little Miss OMG. The hours in the pool was really tiring her out. So Mrs OMG said to just bring the boys. I hovered outside in case she changed her mind. There was no indication she was joining us, so I set off with the boys. Thirty minutes later we arrived. A fantastic location right beside the beach. Just the other side of some train tracks. 

The train won’t hit you.

As we parked up there was a train blocking our path to the retaurant. It was covered in graffiti and I thought would make a great backdrop for a picture. After much convincing it wouldn’t hit them I finally got the boys lined up for a photo. After the first couple of shots, the train burst into life. I think this photo is brilliant!

She’s changed her mind!

It seems five minutes waiting wasn’t long enough. Just as I drove away Little Miss OMG changed her mind and ran after me! I saw the missed call just as I got to the restaurant. Luckily our table wasn’t ready. So I left the boys in the restaurant. With my parents, sister and Aunt. (I’m not that BAD a parent. Drove back to the resort for the rest of the OMG’s. When I returned they were all seated but hadn’t ordered. Phew! Well save for drinks! 

Seafood, Tacos and Burgers

The Salty Pelican has food for all tastes. Buddy picked chicken tenders, the Teen and Mrs OMG a steak taco, preteen a burger and I went with a Shrimp Po Boy all served with fries, of course. Little Miss OMG would just be given a bit of each.

I’m a crap blogger at the best of times. None more so than when out eating. I’m blaming rhe fact that I’m distracted entertaining Little Miss OMG. In truth I dive in without a thought of taking photos. Doh! In my defense this time. The server managed to drop Buddy’s chicken tenders and dipping sauce. So to avoid a complete mess I had to wipe down the high chair and Little Miss OMG!

The food was delicious. The boys cleared their plates. Well except pre teen, then again I’d have struggled to eat that burger! Mrs OMG decided to join the other adults in the cocktail drinking. She picked a delicous looking Raspberry Daqauri.

Time to go!

Dinner done Little Miss was getting restless. I offered to take her outside before she threw something at someone! I managed to get a few photo’s of Little Miss and Buddy outside with The Salty Pelican! Then a few more as they played on the grass beside the car park. If you’re ever in Fernandina Beach or Amelia Island you must visit The Salty Pelican Bar and Grill. The food is great and service friendly. Price wise it’s fairly reasonable too.

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