The Policeman Will Take You Away!

photo credit: Vladimir Yaitskiy Group of police officers via photopin (license)

On a recent shoping trip Little Miss OMG decided she was going to do what she wanted and no one was telling her otherwise. 
Why would she go into the store when there were all those fun rides and sweet machines. So much more interesting than clothes shopping. 

So after trying bribery, letting her climb in and out the rides and running up and down the moving path to the car park a few times it was time to head into the shop.

Like the proverbial horse to water she was having none of it. A full on toddler tantrum ensued. Foot stamping, shouts of “No” and a sit down protest followed. 

No more Mr Nice Guy! I was ready to pick her up and carry her into the shop kicking and screaming. When out the corner of my eye I spotted my salvation. A Policeman. Just what I needed. I used that goto phrase that many a parent has used in times of need.

If you don’t behave, that Policeman will take you away!

Needless to say it had no effect on Little Miss OMG. Her only knowledge of Police is PC Plum in Balamorey. Hardly someone to strike the fear of God into a toddler.

I was surprised when he approached me and said.

“I couldn’t help overhearing what you just said. In future you might want to use something else. God forbid anything happens and your daughter finds herself in need of help. We want her to feel safe approaching a Policeman. Not terrified he’s going to take her away!”

It dawned on me then he was dead right. If we got separated in the shopping centre I’d want her to be able to go up to a Policeman or security guard and ask for help.

So in future when your little one is misbehaving in public, don’t tell them the police will take them or you away.  You don’t want them scared. As he said 

If they are in trouble or need help we want them to run to us not away! 

Have you ever said this to your kids? Have you heard someone using it? 

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