The Perfect Proposal

As with absolutely everything in life popping the question is an individual choice. What makes one person go all weak kneed and happy is just as likely to make another vomit.

I’ll be honest once Buddy came along I was all for getting married. Complications in access arrangements and the Judge saying one thing and writing another! Meant that a divorce wasn’t possible. No divorce, no wedding. Over time talk of weddings got forgotten. 

We’re now in a position for Mrs OMG to get her divorce so talk of marriage has resurfaced. I’m quite happy to carry on as we are. What difference does a piece of paper make in the big scheme of things? Mrs OMG seems quite keen on the idea so who am I to deny her a day out. 

I look quite good in a suit anyway and Little Miss OMG will steal the show as a flower girl no doubt. Before all of that though there’s the small matter of the ring and proposal.

photo credit: Dis da fi we (was Hickatee) View from the Empire State Building – New York 2016 via photopin (license)

Being a sucker for an old Rom Com I would previously have opted for a trip to New York, horse drawn carriage round Central Park and then popping the question. If that was a bit out of the budget then Paris is only a short flight away. The lure of the Eifle Tower, Va Va Voom and all that.

The thing is Mrs OMG isn’t really like that, and I’d have to take the children. They are after all the glue that’s keeps this mad cap family together. She would also die of embarrassment if I did it in a public place. 

I’m really at a loss as to what to do. Thankfully I’ve a bit of time as I need to find the perfect ring first.


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