The Not So Terrible Two's


Well we’ve managed to keep Little Miss OMG alive for TWO years now! If I had a Euro for every time someone has said to me “Oh she’s at the Terrible Two’s stage now, be prepared” I wouldn’t quite be a millionaire, but i’d be able to cross one or two things off my My Holiday Tech Wishlist

I don’t see it as the Terrible Two’s. Yes its a challenging developmental stage for all concerned. From a parent’s point of view it seems everything is a drama or a crisis. From the Toddlers as if everything they want to do is off-limits.

It can lead to some frustrating, hair pulling moments. The Judo esque grapple to get a nappy changed. The 500 trips to sit on the toilet because they need a wee wee. For nothing to happen. Yeah!!

Then there’s the climbing, the chairs, the sofa, the stairs, the walls. (I kid you not!) As well as driving you up the walls.

Frustrating as this is it is a wonderful time to be a parent. It seems just a few short weeks ago Little Miss OMG was babbling incoherent words and small sentences of two, three at a stretch, words. Now she is coming out with bigger words, 3 or 4 word sentences and becoming more coherent. Thankfully the Tesco cashier thought she was saying duck and pointing at the Easter picture. Older brothers to thank for that one!

Did I mention climbing!


Language is still a barrier though as her brain is advancing faster than her vocabulary, as well as the fact that three older brothers jump to her every demand. Which leads to the infamous toddler tantrums. Foot stamping, tears, throwing objects (I’m standing by my opinion that the toy car to the temple was a lucky shot) and of course throwing herself on the floor and rolling around.
Mealtimes are great fun. Who wants to sit in a high chair when your brothers are sat on chairs at the table. Although it’s the same food it’s always better when grabbed from someone elses plate, and then Little Miss Independence wants to do everything herself. I mean EVERYTHING!

We are now in a position to “Walk” everywhere. This means that any journey takes 300 hours, as toddlers aren’t known for sticking to the task at hand. Distraction is a bitch. A fly, a bird, the fence, a leaf the list of distractions is endless.

All of this though makes life much more interesting. Seeing her little face light up as she learns something new. Watching her get all excited when she manages to do something for the first time after trying, and hearing her repeat and use new words in context makes the tantrums worthwhile.

The tantrums can be avoided with a bit of careful planning. So here’s a few tips to help make them not so Terrible Two’s

  1. If we keep Little Miss OMG fed then the Hunger Monster is less likely to appear. Keep some healthy snacks in the car and try to keep mealtimes at regular set times.
  2. Plenty of Sleep – Little Miss OMG sleeps when she wants for as long as she wants. She does get her full 12 hours over a day. Just not at times that suit us!! If she doesn’t get enough sleep or is over tired then tantrums are on the horizon.
  3. Keeping them entertained – Their little minds are like a sponges, if there is nothing to interest and entertain a toddler then they will find something. Normally climbing! Or colouring on the walls with a marker. Play games, count everything, sing silly songs. Talk to them constantly. Give them a running commentary on what you are doing. Get them to help with things they can do so they don’t want to do the things that are dangerous or they cannot do.
  4. Accept that there will be times that what you need them to do and they want to do are going to clash. Don’t take it personally, because they certainly don’t.
  5. Toddlers copy everything they see and hear. So think carefully before doing something that you don’t want them to do. Or there will be a tantrum when they try to do it and you stop them.

Most of all enjoy this phase as with everything else to do with children it’s gone in a blink of an eye.





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