The Modern Boy

The modern boy aged 6-12 spends a total of 29 days and nine hours playing video games, attends four birthday parties and receives 143 pieces of homework all in a single year, according to new research.

Which doesn’t sound too different from when I was that age over 30 years ago!  

And the typical lad will wear a hole into at least two items of clothing every term, have mates over to their house 67 times and spend 103 hours on their bike over the course of 12 months.

On average, those surveyed will read 42 books a year, will play outside for two hours each day and be told off by their parents on 161 occasions annually – around three times a week.

Buddy certainly fits in with the book reading!

Commissioned to launch the new series of Ben 10 airing on Cartoon Network on Saturdays at 10am, the research of 1,200 boys aged 6-12 also found they have 10 pals on average and their favourite colour is blue.

Sean Gorman, Programming Director, Kids Channels UK and Ireland, said: “This insight into how boys spend their time is a real eye opener – particularly their keen interest in books and dedication to homework.

“Like Ben Tennyson, the superhero in Ben 10, British boys have active lives, going to parties, spending time with their friends and riding their bikes outside.

“It’s no wonder they wear holes into so many of their clothes – their parents must be exhausted trying to keep up with their comings and goings.”

On a typical school day, the modern boy will get up at 6.55 in the morning and will go to bed at 8.38 at night.

The average lad spends 20 days, 20 hours stuck in a good book every year – compared to five days, 16 hours playing football and other sports.

Boys can expect to be told off by their teachers 51 times over the course of an academic year.

While parents will send their sons to their room on 55 occasions, ground them 41 times and there will be 52 instances where their favourite toy is confiscated or banned all during a typical year.

However boys will be rewarded or praised for good behaviour a whopping 154 times over the course of a 12 month period.

And respondents will put aside one hour and 47 minutes to do homework every day.

The typical lad’s number one way to unwind from a busy day at school is watching TV – and in a year they will tot-up 29 days, one hour tuning into their favourite shows.

    While those surveyed spend 22 days, 12 hours using mobile phones and tablets each year.

    Playing football is the most popular active hobby among those polled — with almost half enjoying a kick about.

    Riding on a bike is the second most favourite physical activity followed by swimming in third place and trampolining in fourth.

    The most popular toys are games consoles, while handheld tablet devices are highly favoured in second place closely followed by lego in third.

    And the favourite meal is the Sunday roast of course, while fish and chips and spaghetti bolognaise also go down well with the modern boy.

    Justin Bieber is the average respondent’s number one pop performer, while Ed Sheeran came second and One Direction came third.

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