The Law is an ASS!


Can you imagine a country where the father of a child has no legal rights over that child at birth. Yet another man, by virtue of having married the mother, yet had no contact with her for nearly 5 years, is automatically classed as being the father? The husband has to sign a form stating he is not the father, then the mother and actual father, must go to court to so he can get guardianship.

Where is this country? I hear you ask.
An African nation? Islamic State? Eastern Europe? None of these. It is right here in Ireland.

Little Miss OMG is unregistered. Over four weeks after her birth.

Mrs OMag and her husband have been separated for over 7 years. No contact from him at all for four years or more. Due to an error by the Judge last time in relation to access, Mrs OMG cannot go for divorce or legal separation until the boys are old enough to be listened to by a judge.

There is a new law coming into effect that gives unmarried fathers guardianship automatically, once they are named on the birth certificate. There is no amendment to this antiquated rule though.

I’m currently going to a solicitor, and spending more money to try and get my daughter registered.

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