The Icon Is Back – The Nokia 3310

It’s easy to forget that Nokia were once THE biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world! Most of today’s youth won’t even have heard of them. Samsung and Apple effectively killing them off.

Back in my twenties when mobile phones became affordable nearly everyone had a Nokia!

The 3310 was announced in September of 2000 and went on sale in the fourth quarter of that year. It replaced the 3210 and went on to sell over 125 million units worldwide.

Nearly everyone I knew had one. It also came with Snake II If you thought the modern day was bad for people being glued to their phones then this could be seen as the launchpad. Buses, college campuses and offices were full of people trying to beat their high score or friends high score on this simple yet addictive game.

What made the phone so great was just how durable it was. I couldn’t tell you how many falls mine had. The worst that happened was the three pieces split. A quick clip back together and you were good to go again.

HMD Global bought Microsoft Mobiles feature phone business and the rights to the Nokia name up till 2024.

So we will be seeing Nokia phones back on our shelves. They’ve announced some rather good looking Android smartphones. What has me excited is the rebirth of the 3310 with modern styling.

This is a feature phone, so internet and apps are basic. You won’t be winning any photography competitions with the 2mp camera either. At an estimated €49 price point. This is a great back up phone, or one to have for those family outings that you wouldn’t want to risk dropping and breaking your iPhone or Galaxy.

I for one can’t wait to see one in the flesh and some of the other Nokia phones. Who knows perhaps we might see some of the other iconic phones making a comeback. 

Did you own a 3310? Would you buy the 2017 edition?

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