The Calm Before the Pink Storm

Does the internet help in times of crisis?

I’m beginning to think the answer is NO!

Since it was confirmed that I was to become a Daddy again, and to a girl! I’ve spent a large amount of time searching the internet to try and find proof to counter my fear of having a whirling dervish of pink invade my little mans world.

This has only made things worse! It would appear that no matter the search term used, my eye and mouse, would be drawn to the result that confirmed my worst fears. Headlines of missing girls, selfies and social media profiles of teenage girls in skimpy clothes. This was not helping so I gave up on the tinterweb.

Next I decided I would people watch. Didn’t think this through. A 40 year old man staring at little girls in the shops! Yes, now I see it in writing it doesn’t look good does it? I can only put it down to sleep depravation and stress. Between waking up in cold sweats after nightmares in pink, or herself waking me with her pains, aches and heartburn.

The short time spent doing this, before an in depth conversation with shopping centre security! Only served to increase my fears and anxiety. Toddlers and primary school girls throwing tantrums because they couldn’t have mini skirts and hot pants. The worst was a case of a girl no more than SIX looking for her mother to buy her a bra!

I decided to forget about the prospect of having a daughter by escaping into the TV for a while. Flicking through the channels I settled on MTV. All was fine until my little buddy woke up with stomach pains. A few belly rubs, drop of flat 7up later and he was fast asleep. I came back down and realised I had forgotten to pause the Skybox. What was now on sent me hurrying for the Panadol and my bed. Teen Mom 2.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of watching this yet. It’s a reality TV programme that follows teen moms and dads through pregnancy and birth to raising the child. Not one of the girls I watched was still with the father! They had dropped out of school or were struggling to raise the child and continue their education. I couldn’t take anymore.

Slowly more pink is creeping into the house. Nappies are being stockpiled, along with baby wipes and bathing cremes, potions and lotions.

A visit to the out patients ante natal clinic on Friday led to the news that the head is down and arrival is imminent.

Herself is in bed showing all the early signs of labour. As this is her fourth, and little man arrived quickly. I’ve a funny feeling she will arrive by Monday.

So tonight is looking like being the last night BP (Before Pink) so I’m spending it planning a blow out of manliness with the boys.

Cleaning the back yard. Eating pizza and chips, leaving dishes till morning after. Sugary sweets and popcorn whilst watching a mans film. Suggestions in the comments. Please remember boys are 6, 10 and 11. So Rambo is out. Although Rocky 3 might do it.

Good night for now and the next post will probably be after my daughter is born. Now let’s search google for statistics on how many times parents have been told sex only for drs to be wrong!

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