Bosch Tassimo Vivy a Tale of Disappointment

I’d wanted a Tassimo for years. I love my coffee. I’m sure my blood is pretty much pure caffeine at this stage. Nothing would make me happier than sitting all day in a coffee shop savouring the aroma whilst people watching and tweeting. It’s mainly used to wake me up and keep me awake. Thanks to a child who doesn’t sleep normal hours.


With four kids I don’t often EVER get the luxury of paying €4 for a decent cup though. I’d seen coffee pod machines advertised and longed for one for ages. When Oxendales had a Tassimo Vivy reduced to €35 I was on it like a greyhound after a hare!

The Tassimo has landed!

The day I got the email stating it was with the courier for delivery I was like a child on Christmas Eve. I refused to go anywhere for fear of missing him. I had the Mrs sit watch while I nipped to the loo. We weren’t missing the delivery! The poor chap was like a rabbit caught in headlights when I came racing out the house to greet him.

Initial Reaction

Bosch Tassimo Vivy

Aesthetically it ticked all the boxes. Smart and stylish it would look great in any kitchen.

It’s certainly easy to use. Slap in the pod press the button and hey presto your drink is made. Even the teen can use it without supervision. Amazing really as he can’t pick a pair of dirty socks up off his bedroom floor!

Taste Test

One of the reasons we picked the Bosch Tassimo over other brands was the ability to make hot chocolate and the wide selection of drinks available. The Cadbury Hot Chocolate Pods went down a treat. The big two went through two packs in record time.

I’d been given some Tassimo Baileys Latte Macciato pods by a friend. So this was my first choice. I have to say I was impressed.

I then tried various different coffee pods to find my personal favourite.

The Costa Americano and L’OR XL Classique were good, nothing special though. Let’s be honest though, the reason for buying one of these is for Lattes and Cappuccinos isn’t it. This sadly is where the machine disappoints.

I’ve tried various different Latté and Cappuccino drinks from the range and not one is impressive at all. The creamy, foamy milky head isn’t there! The lattés are all milk and then a small but of flavour at the bottom.

I’m so disappointed I’ve gone back to using my cafétiere and filter coffee. I’m also researching milk frothers so I can just make my own.

I really wouldn’t recommend a Tassimo to anyone. The range of drinks isn’t that great and only Tassimo pods can be used. All in all the Vivy is a big let down.

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