Sunday Style – Should Middle Aged Men Wear Shorts?

At 42 years 320 odd days old I am finally admitting I’m middle aged. When I informed Mrs OMG I was wearing shorts today. You would have thought I’d told her I was changing my name to Alana and starting to live as a woman. So for this weeks Sunday Style I’m asking should middle aged men wear shorts?

That’s me and Little Miss OMG on holiday in the States last summer. Not the most flattering photo but is that due to the outfit or just a bad photo?I’m

Normally I wear jeans or a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Shorts are reserved for the beach, swimming or holidays.


I grew up in the 80’s there were many cartoons in papers and comedy sketch shows that caricatured middle aged men on holidays. The beer belly, pasty white legs, bad shorts and a handkerchief on their head.

Then there are the many tabloid photos of celebrities and politicians on holiday caught in unflattering photos with their legs out.

Another image that sticks in my mind from this time is English football hooligans at World Cups ad European Championships. Drunk, fighting, tops off in just shorts.

None of these images do much to improve the image of middle aged men in shorts.

The Wrong Shorts

After posting the image above on Twitter last night and getting the following response.

I realised then that perhaps the problem isn’t middle aged men in shorts. It’s middle aged men wearing the wrong shorts.

I have to hold my hands up and say I’m probably guilty of this. OK there’s no probably, you’ve seen the picture.

In mine and probably many other men’s defense it’s a matter of cost and convenience. We don’t get too many sunny days so in the main the only time shorts are worn is the gym, swimming or to the beach. Therefore we just buy swimming ones that are then used for all occasions.

Perhaps it’s time to expand my wardrobe to include a couple of pairs of dark tailored shorts for those sunny days we do get. Maybe I should look at Armani I’m sure they have some stylish ones.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Style – Should Middle Aged Men Wear Shorts?”

  1. I think wear what you want when you want and where you want. To hell with what anyone else thinks. Same as I would tell any woman of any a g e and shape. Do not be body shamed, age shamed or get caught up in materialism.. #lgrtstumble

  2. Lol. If you don’t mind what you look like wear whatever shorts you like. If you do and have stacks of spare cash then go for Armani as people may be more interested in the label than the legs. Do men ever spray tan? Option?? #LGRTstumble

  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with middle aged men wearing shorts. My hubby is almost 40 and I’ve never thought that he should stop wearing shorts LOL

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