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Welcome to Sunday Style a new weekly feature that will be looking at style. Mainly for middle aged men, but there might be the odd week when I look at children’s style. Like the post I wrote coming up to Buddy’s first Holy Communion.

Back in 1991 when I got my first proper job at Cobra Sports as a Saturday sales assistant. I was in heaven. Trainers had become fashion items with the likes of Michael Jordan having his own line with Nike. (I can still remember putting on my first pair of Air Jordan’s!) Adidas had the Samba for all the cool trendy kids and there were the niche brands Fila and Kappa trying to break into the mainstream market.

American sports were becoming more popular with UK audiences so NFL, MLB and NBA merchandise could be bought. You have to remember this was in 1991 the internet wasn’t even a thing back then. Online shopping was unheard of!

With my staff discount I think I bought a new pair of trainers every month! A far cry from nowadays, where I own one pair. Wear them till they fall apart and then won’t spend over €40 on a replacement pair! Back then I think some of them might have cost that per shoe!

Tatty old Adidas Runners no Sunday Style here.


One of the problems is that I’m a middle aged man. Who lives in either jeans or a tracksuit, not much Sunday Style here! A pair of €180 Nike Air Max just looks silly on me. There’s also the fact that in any one day I could have to clean the fire, fetch coal, chase a toddler through the mud, take a stroll along the riverbank as well as a hundred other tasks. Within a few days they would invariably look mucky!

As a teen my biggest worry was some drunken idiot (mainly me) spilling beer on them!

My latest pair have, according to the Mrs reached the end of their public appearances. I think there’s another few weeks wear left in them.

Today I was dragged to the new Sports Direct and USC store and told we weren’t leaving without a new pair of runners for me.

After looking at the Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok with none grabbing my attention. I noticed the Under Armour selection. Ever since I first saw the brand I’ve wanted a pair but couldn’t justify the price. Today though there were some on special offer.

I picked up these beauties for just €52.

You know you’ve done well when your Teenage boys say they want a pair. Thankfully their feet are bigger than mine so they can’t “borrow” them!

1 thought on “Sunday Style featuring Under Armour”

  1. “Wear them till they fall apart and then won’t spend over €40 on a replacement pair!” – THIS!

    I have to be really careful as well. A bright blue neon pair is all well and good, but you need a wardrobe to go with it. So it’s either black or white for me. Goes with everything.

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