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Natural Style

For this weeks Sunday Style I had a couple of ideas floating around. Now that it’s time to write the post, they have been replaced by something altogether different. I’d a half written post looking at the difference between being stylish and being fashionable. As there are some stylish accessories in my Fathers Day Gift Guide, I considered focusing on one of them. Today though as I was dressing Little Miss OMG something struck me. She has natural style.

Some people wear the latest fashions from the best fashion houses in the world and look dreadful. Others can wear bargain basement clothes, paired with an accessory or two and look a million dollars. Little Miss OMG appears to fall into the later category. Admittedly at the moment we chose 90% of what is in her wardrobe. She does however have a knack for pairing things together. Time will tell if it’s natural style or just blind luck.

Little Miss OMG looking stylish

She went to her clothes cupboard and pulled out the blue skirt, yellow t-shirt and some ankle socks. With a little bit of help she was into those in a flash. Her next words were.

“I need a hat Daddy. To keep my hair out of my face” She dived into the drawer again and emerged with this gold, knitted beret.

“Is it not a bit hot for that?” I said. Unable to think of anything else, that wouldn’t upset her and put her off wearing it as I really didn’t think it would match the outfit.

Thankfully. In this instance, I am quite pleased she stuck to her guns and wore the beret. She looks awesome. I also hope she continues with this attitude of wearing what she wants no matter what others may think. Some people just have natural style.

Sunday Style Image



12 thoughts on “Sunday Style Go Your Own Way”

  1. Yeah, my eldest is the same. She puts together some amazing combinations. I’m liberal about her wearing them but mum isn’t always so keen. I see trouble in the teenaged years! Anyway, your little one looks very cool in this pic. Keep on being stylish! #mysundayphoto

    1. It must be a female thing. The looks I get when I let her choose her own outfits and its not one of the carefully chosen sets!

  2. She looks fab and very happy with it. N’s doesn’t usually care but this morning he turned up his nose at 2 t shirts – both of which he’d okayed when I bought them. Not impressed because one was quite expensive, very retro and from a small indie shop so noone else will be seen wearing it round here.

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