Stereotypes. Am I falling into them already

I had planned to write today about the wonderful electronic gadgets available¬† to parents nowadays. I’ve noticed some great ones. Smart Phone Video and Sound Baby Monitors, Electronic bottle Warmers, there are a host of gadgets to make the modern parents job easier. Well more fun at least.

I then read a post on Inside Martyns Mind about stereotyping and boys/girls toys and it got me thinking. Am I already conforming to stereotypes with my daughter?

Little Miss OMG in stereotypical pink for a girl.

Herself is already talking about ballet and Irish dancing classes. Now I’ve nothing against these. In fact I was quite in agreement. There are male dancers in both, I’m sure they get paid more, there being less of them. Yet not once has it been mentioned for the boys. Yet #BabyPink not a week old and already she is having after school activities planned.

Clothes. We were recently given a bag of baby girls clothes. Herself went through it to see what would fit her. Now these clothes came from her sister, so its not cleanliness that is the issue. The boys wore hand me downs from relations. So I’ve no issue with that. My sole reason, they were a bit faded. The socks were rough. In reality it was just that they weren’t good enough for Little Miss OMG.
After all this girl will be an internet sensation (lol).
If I had the money she’d be head to toe in Gucci, Armani etc.

The day she came home I cleaned out the car. Top to bottom. Hoovered and all. It’s not like she’d notice, she would be safely in her rear facing car seat. Again a dirty car wasn’t good enough for her.

Even with schooling, a single sex school has been mentioned. It was dismissed out of hand for the boys!

I want her to be happy and well adjusted. Enjoying life. Does that mean I go along with stereotypes so that she fits in. Or do I encourage her to blaze her own path. If she wants to be a batman suit wearing, truck driving hell raiser do I say “Good for you”

I know one thing we will be doing our best to ensure she has positive role models and self esteem. Other than that we’ll take it one day at a time. One dance class at a time.

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