Starting Pre School

In exactly one month Little Miss OMG will be packing her school bag and starting Pre School.

I won’t lie I’ll miss having her around for those three hours. The house will be eerily quiet and I know she is going to be tired and nap straight after meaning we’ll be back to late night puzzles, tower building and Paw Patrol marathons.

There are however a few things I’m looking forward to.

Here’s my top five.


Being able to sit on the loo, scroll through Facebook or Twitter and enjoy five minutes peace and quiet. Without the fear of the door being opened, Little Miss OMG seeing me and, and then satisfied she knows where I am. Wandering off, and leaving it open for anyone walking past the house being able to see me!

(The postman still can’t look me in the eye!)


Going shopping and not having a mini shopaholic picking up every sugar laden snack in the place and saying she needs it. There is also the bonus of knowing, that when unpacking the shopping there aren’t twenty conversations that go like this.

“I didn’t put it in! I thought you did!”

“No I didn’t put it in!”

“Little Miss OMG!”


A hot cup of coffee. I love my coffee and it is pretty much the main fuel this Daddy runs on. There is nothing worse than firing up the Tassimo, making a beautiful Costa Coffee Cappuccino and then it being frothless and stone cold when you get to drink it.


A long hot shower. Next to coffee one of my favourite things in the world is a steaming hot power shower. With a three year old dictator in the house this is impossible. As soon as she hears the extractor fan and pump she is stripped off and in splashing around before I’ve found the shampoo. Can’t have one when she’s asleep as her bedroom is right above the shower room and its like sitting above the engine on a 747.


Being able to go out for a sit down meal and being able to eat it while it’s hot. Not having to bring 400 colouring books, crayons, markers and other toys to keep Little Miss OMG entertained until her food arrives.

Then spending most of the meal under the table retrieving any of the above that are “dropped” accidentally!

So there you have it the top five things I’m looking forward to doing whilst Little Miss OMG is in Pre School. Obviously for the first week or two I’ll be the first one there to collect her about 30 minutes before school finishes.

What did you look forward to doing the most when your youngest started school?

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