New Beginings

Everything happens for a reason. People come into our lives and we into others. Bad things happen and good things come of it.

Seek the Postitive

Unlike my good friend Becky who is a beacon of Positivity. I have a more cynical outlook on life. Therefore I was rather taken aback earlier this week. My little outpost on the information superhighway was overthrown as I slept.  Passwords and email addresses were changed. I was locked out  of my own castle.  This occurred at the exact moment I had become disillusioned with blogging. My mind was bereft of creativity. There was barely a thought in my head, nevermind the ability to transfer those thoughts coherently and articulately onto a screen. It took me three days to realise I’d been deposed as king of my castle.  Instead of throwing in the towel like a weary journeyman boxer. Who’d taken his beatings and wanted to get out whilst he could make that decision for himself. I realised I’ve been given an opportunity. Another chance to seize the day. So it’s time to get back on my feet before the countdown ends. 

A Phoenix Rises

In Order to rise from its own ashes a Phoenix must first burn.  Octavia E. Butler
My site is well and truly burnt. A fully paid up member of the Geek Squad has been rummaging around my data files and managed to salvage a big fat nothing. So I’ve pulled on my big boy pants and decided to use this as an opportunity to rise again. Envy and Jealousy have never been bedfellows of mine. In fact it’s quite the opposite. A few previous girlfriends have taken issue to my lack of jealousy!

Blogging Buddies

I do however admire and respect many other bloggers I out there.  Too many to name all, but I’ll name a few to give you a flavour.  Jen at Mama-tude Best selling author, radio and t.v. panelist, columnist and Mammy to Seven. Not a typo. Yes Seven children. Julie at Picking up Toys. Working Mum, down to earth straight talking and funny as hell.  Ger at Over Heavens Hill Blogger, Mam, Chicken Keeper and beautiful writer. All the time fighting anxiety and mental health issues.  Enda at Endastories I don’t know much about Enda save for his blog posts. I love his style of writing. Nige at DIY Daddy Father to five, married, divorced, remarried. IVF, Twins and prolific blogger. I’m pretty sure if you name it Nige has done it. Lastly in this list but by no means least the Premier Irish Dad Blogger. Daddy Poppins. A style all his own and guaranteed to make you laugh.  I see the success these people all have and it makes me want it.

What Next? 

This is where the issue lies.  As an angry teen I wanted to win at everything. I’d give everything till the match was over or the race was finished.  Nowadays though I have no drive or determination to make it succeed.  It’s as if I don’t want to succeed.
The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will.  Vince Lombardi
Instead of researching keywords or scheduling tweets, I’ll disappear down a Twitter wormhole.  I could be writing a post whilst waiting for the boys to come out of school. Instead I play a game on my phone.  Instead of putting myself out there and getting my name and writing heard. I’ll write mildly amusing tweets about my parenting failures.  So it’s time for a fresh start and a fresh outlook. Say goodbye to the half Assed blogger and say hello to the new improved version. A metamorphosis if you wish. The caterpillar is ready to emerge from its cocoon as a butterfly. 
An admiral butterfly on a lavender Bush.

Shank You Very Much

19 thoughts on “New Beginings

  1. Fab post mate. You have always been one of my favourite writers and a fantastic friend over the years. I’m sure you will have huge success with this new blog. Thank you for the mention very kind. Looking forward to your next post mate

    1. Thanks Nige. I’ve always been amazed at how you manage to post practically every day and keep on top of scheduling tweets, engaging with readers as well as running your own business and being an active dad.

  2. Oh bummer the tech expert couldn’t salvage your site! You are handling it so well though. It’s ironic timing and maybe in the long run the fresh slate you have now will be for the best & make sense. Best of luck with your new site & thank you for the mention.

  3. I think I would be so tempted to give up if I lost all that I’d done (even though it’s not much), so fair play to you for being positive. There’s nothing wrong with being half arsed, you have to live your life as well, but if you want to really go for it I’m sure you’ll do great. All those ramblings on twitter aren’t a waste, because I wouldn’t have read this without them.

  4. sorry to hear about all this man, can’t even imagine how heatbreaking it must be to have all that work gone. Hopefully you had some of it saved to pdf files or printed. Gutted for you but wishing you the best going forward

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