Sibling Rivalary

Ever since I’ve known Stepson #1 (the Teen) and Stepson #2 (Preteen) they have argued and fought over everything! (Well except who does better academically!)

The television channel, who was sitting in the chair first, whose sitting in the front, whose not sitting in the front, who won the match, who hit first, who called a name first! You get the picture.

Well a day I thought would never come has finally come. No they didn’t agree on something, don’t be silly.

They are playing on opposite sides in a football (Soccer for my international readership) match. Not just a bit of fun a full on competitve match! As they are different ages I didn’t think this would ever happen!

They can’t go out on the green and play together for five minutes without it descending into a full blown screaming and shouting match. God knows what the neighbours must think. I swear they must think we are tinker’s!

Due to a lack of numbers in the under 13 (stepson #2) category and too many in the under 14 (stepson #1) they merged the 13’s and spare 14’s and entered two teams in the under 14s league. Which means that this Saturday morning what little affection they have for each other will go out the window.

What makes it even better is that they will be marking each other as #2 plays left back and #1 plays right mid.

I’m bringing ice packs!!

The best bit is they have to play each other FOUR times! This is going to be a long season!

I’m just hoping they don’t end up in full blown pulling the heads of each other on the pitch! Thankfully kick off is at 9.45 AM so if I’m lucky the teen will still be half asleep!

Edited 23Rd Jan

Due to a frozen pitch the match was called off by the referee. So the mind games continue for another while! What joy!!

Do your siblings get on? Or are they like mine and fight like cat and dog?

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