Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer Review

I LOVE cooking and baking so when the opportunity to review the  Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer came about I was like Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen.

Disclaimer I was given a Savisto Mixer to review free of charge in exchange for a full and honest review. All opinions are my own. Click here read full disclosure statement

It arrived super fast by courier, and I have to say my kitchen hasn’t had such a sexy piece of equipment in it since the kids came along. Well besides Mrs OMG!

Available in red or black, with silver accents and a rather gorgeous blue light around the speed control dial. It looks so good I nearly didn’t want to use it!

I certainly wasn’t letting the kids loose on it! Mrs OMG reminded me, one of the reasons I’d agreed to review it was the Splash Cover and Food Chute. Meaning the kids could help without making a mess.

Reluctantly I agreed. Quick flick through the cookbook that comes with it, and we decided on Cappuccino Coffee Cake.

I have to admit, even with the kids “helping,” the Savisto Mixer made baking a breeze.

The cookbook tells you what speed, what attachement and the time. 

Ingredients loaded ready to go. Hold down the safety catch and lower the top.

Minutes later we have a perfect cake mix, ready to go into trays and into the oven. 

We followed the recipe for the coffee, buttercream icing and voila a gorgeous Cappuccino Coffee Cake.

Now for the scores

Ease of use: 10 out of 10. It took me a few minutes to work out how to take the splash guard off, that was my fault. (Didn’t read the instructions!) Controls are simple and straightward, turn left to pulse, right to mix. The 5.5l bowl is big enough for practically all home uses.

Results: 9 out of 10. The recipes from the included book came out perfect. For regular recipes it took a bit of getting used to what number and for how long to beat.

Cleaning: 10 out of 10. Easy to take apart, easy to put back together. 

Looks: 10 out of 10. We opted for the black version. Normally any kitchen equipment is stored in cupboards out the way. This has pride of place on the counter and Mrs OMG hasn’t made me put it away yet.

Overall: 10 out of 10 I really cannot fault the Savisto Retro Food Stand Mixer at all, stylish, easy to use and fantastic results.

At £95.99 it’s worth every penny and Savisto Home include a 2 year warranty!

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