Saturday Night at The Movies

photo credit: Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Cinema, Portugal via photopin (license)

Even in this modern day where we can watch movies on our phone’s, stream them online or watch in 4k Ultra HD on a 55″ television with surround sound in our living rooms. There is still nothing like watching a movie at the cinema.

I can’t remember my first trip to the movies but I do remember going to watch E.T. a couple of summers in a row. Yes I’m that old, I remember the same film coming to the cinemas year after year.

The first trip to the cinema I remember vividly was when we were on a summer holiday in New Orleans, visiting our Grandmother. She took my sister and I to see The Goonies. She bought us candy. I stupidly picked coated almonds, they were rotten! I took them home and said I’d saved them for my Mother, she knew full well I didn’t like them!

Ever since that day I’ve loved going to the cinema. I used to go on my own on my days off from work. It was brilliant. Practically the whole cinema to yourself. I felt like a celebrity who’d hired the screen for their own use. When The Phantom Menace opened, I went to the Midnight showing and then again the next day. You can’t beat the cinema full blown big screen, Dolby experience.

It dawned on me as I wrote this post that like music movies as well as entertaining us, provide memories. Only last night I was watxhing Spy Game, starting Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. As I watched it I remembered the first time I saw it. The summer of 2002. I was sat in the Borghese Pension, on the beach front in Ipsos, on the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu. Drinking a vodka and lemonade watching Spy Game on one of those dodgy pirate dvds that you only see on holiday.

Nearly as magical as my first trip was taking the boys for the first time. With Stepson #2 Autism we picked a time when the cinema wouldn’t be too busy, in case of sensory overload. Also as Buddy was only 3 we knew he might get bored and want to wander. Never mind the 50 trips to the loo. We went to see Wreck It Ralph. The boys loved it.

Since then we try to go regularly, with the differing ages and interests though it’s getting harder to find a movie they all agree on. Me I’m happy watching anything.

The best thing is my local Odeon has bargain Wednesday and Kids clubs so even a large family like mine can afford to go. Well until you start buying buckets of popcorn!!

What was the first film you watched?What was the first film you took your children to see?




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