Santa in the Digital Age.

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Now let’s face it I’m not Santa’s biggest fan! I mean he only works one day a year, he blatantly contravenes human rights laws by holding elves as slaves to do his work. Never mind the animal abuse, expecting the reindeer to pull the sleigh full of toys to every house in the world on ONE night.

But the kids do love him, and let’s face it Christmas is all about the little ones. Seeing their faces light up when they see he has been is one of the best moments of being  a parent, and who doesn’t love perforated eardrums from the kiddies shrieks of delight!

Im looking forward to it this year, Little Miss OMG gets so excited just seeing the decorations in shops, imagine her face on Christmas morning! Maybe we should have bought her a present or two!

As we move further and further into the digital age I can’t help but wonder what is next for the fella in the red suit.
In days gone by he would leave LP’s and 7″ singles. This moved on to tapes when I was a boy. Videos were just becoming widespread so if you were well off you might get a video or two as well.

One year all I wanted was a Sony Walkman! I refuse to link, you youngsters can Google it! Car journeys were never the same after that!

Then we moved on to CDs, DVDs and the short lived mini disc.

Yet these  were all physical presents that could be wrapped and placed under the tree.

Even with the invention of computers and games consoles you still had to buy the cartridge or game disc.

Now it seems everything is streamed or downloaded. If it wasn’t for the car still having a CD player I don’t think a CD would be bought in my house!

It’s all iTunes and Spotify. Netflix or some other digital download service. Even Sony and Microsoft are heading that way now. XBox ONE games will play on a windows 10 PCs as well but only the digital download version. Not to mention you can buy Fifa 17 for the Xbox 360 on the Microsoft Store for dowoad at €42, cheapest hard copy was €55!!

Besides the logistics. It takes a few hours to download a game. You can hardly leave a download code under the tree.

If it wasn’t for clothes and mobile phones I’m sure some teenagers would just have a pile of little scratch cards with online codes for all the services!

Luckily Buddy still wants physical presents and Little Miss OMG doesn’t know about the digital age yet.

How do you cope with the increasing move to digital downloaded entertainment?

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