Same Sex Or Mixed School?

My education was a bit different than most. After leaving a mixed primary school I went to New College School, Oxford a private boys school.

There were a few issues with this, some school related others non school related that meant I only completed First Form. A brief spell of attendance at the Middle School on the American Air Base followed.

This is where my education differed from most. I then attended a boarding school for Emotionally Disturbed Boys. I had a blast. We played football non stop, took part in table tennis competitions, orienteering, caving, canoeing, hiking trips, camping in the Brecon Beacons, climbed Ben Nevis and Mount Snowdon etc etc. 

Little Miss OMG is approaching two so in the not too distant future she will be off to Nursery and then Primary School. 

Where we live there is an All Girls School or a mixed school in the next village. Both are within the cachement area for the local secondary school, so most of the friends she makes at either school would be going to the same secondary school.

Educationally both are about the same. The only real difference is the absence of boys in one and 5 minutes extra in the car for the other.

The big question is which would be the better environment for her to learn in?

Did I suffer because there were no girls at school

I’m painfully shy anyway. Not being around them during my teenage years certainly didn’t help with social awkwardness around them later in life. Once I entered the workforce my ability to interact with female colleagues became very good. So not having them at school was no hindrance.

The Telegraph published a discussion of same sex vs mixed sex schooling giving valid arguments for the two sides. This is based on secondary schooling though and not primary education.

Thankfully neither if the schools have long waiting lists, so there’s plenty of time to research further.

What would you do? Do your children attend mixed or single sex primary schools? 

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