Potty Training is Go!

Regular readers will know I don’t impart many words of wisdom on the blog. In fact my only and best advice in most situations would be. Do the opposite of what I do!

So if it’s potty training tips,tricks and words of wisdom you’re after. Probably best to click the little x and search again. If, on the other hand, you want to laugh at someone elses misfortune, then grab a cuppa and read on.

A while ago Little Miss OMG developed a new game called Wee Wee Roulette. You can read about it here! Fun as it was, thankfully it didn’t last long!

Well a week or so ago she woke. Insisted, as only a two-year old can, that her nappy was coming off and another one wasn’t going on!

Toilet Training is Go!


Let her run around naked from the waist down!


I dusted off the potty. The fresh new pants with little bows on them (Primark’s finest) were dug out with much fanfare and Little Miss OMG picked a pair to wear (After twenty minutes dithering about!) Then promptly wee’d in them! Off to a flying start!

We then made the decision to let her run around naked from the waist down. It’s still warm enough. We get no visitors and perhaps having pants on felt too similar to a nappy.

This met with better success. Yes! So after a day or two of this we moved to stage two. (Sounds like we thought and planned this out doesn’t it?)

On with the leggings, sans pants. This went surprisingly well. A few accidents but nothing major and all whilst either outside or busy playing. So no great shakes She’s even cracked telling us when she needs a wee whilst out and about. Result!

Tomorrow we are going for pants and leggings! Wish me luck.

Wee wee not coming, maybe later!

Now the clever ones amongst you are saying he promised us tales of misfortune. Well never fear. Here they are.

  1. I caught Little Miss OMG leggings round the ankles with her hand on the front door handle ready to go outside saying. “Wee wee coming. I’ll do it outside!”
  2. Two minutes after being sat on the toilet in the clubhouse at the boys match, and not going. Little Miss OMG says “You count, I’ll hide” I count and open my eyes to see her crouched in a corner, doing a wee!
  3. In a shop with no loo. “Daddy wee wee!” Up onto the shoulder fireman style. Out the shop, across the car park, into the shopping centre and onto the loo. I stand there gasping sure that I’m experiencing early stages of a coronary attack when Little Miss OMG hops off the toilet and announces. “Wee wee not coming, maybe later!”

What funny stories do you have from potty training your little one? I’d love to hear them.

photo credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits Toilet! via photopin (license)

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