Play More Month

When I saw that Daddilife was doing a #PlayMoreMonth I had to get involved. It’s a shocking statistic that modern children spend 45 hours a week, in front of screens and only 5 outside playing.

In many ways I was lucky going to an all boys boarding school in the 80’s and early 90’s.

There were no computers, games consoles and smart phones. When school finished we played football, table tennis, rounders and in the summer swimming in the outdoor unheated pool!

Then there were trips to Symonds Yat, The Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. Not to forget the year we went for a weeks hiking in Scotland and climbed Ben Nevis.

Luckily all my kids enjoy being outdoors and doing sports. All three boys play on the local hurling and football teams. So with training and matches as well as just running around themselves playing. They get over the average 5 hours outdoor play that most children get.

This is still less than an hour a day though. So we actively encourage them to get outside.


One of the best investments we made was a trampoline. The big boys have invented their own bounce football game and will spend hours playing on it. Little Miss OMG prefers bouncing and running. Either way it’s all good exercise for them. Me as well when Little Miss OMG insists I join her for a bounce!


I’ve never liked city living. I hated every minute I lived in Woolwich at university. Nothing against he place, but I like my open spaces and countryside. We live on the doorstep to the Slieve Bloom Mountains. We often throw the kids and the dog into the car and head off there for a walk. Best avoid summer evenings though, unless you’ve a good insect repellent!


Another activity that all the kids love is swimming. Even with four of them it’s reasonably inexpensive at the local pool. I think on our recent US trip we spent more time in the pools than any other activity. Some days we were in the pool three times.

The biggest thing you can do is join in with your children. This month is ideal. With the longer evenings and improved weather it’s the perfect time to get involved with #playmoremonth

So grab a ball, a skipping rope, skateboard or tennis racket and get out there with your kids. The housework can wait.

Let us know what you do as a family to get away from the screens? 

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