Oops looks like I'm responsible for Buddy's Potty Mouth!

I remember as a child the teacher telling us all to go home and ask our parents a list of things and then seeing if we could do them.

My mother’s response. “Well this won’t matter as I’m not your birth mother. We’ll do it anyway!”

We then proceeded to go through the list. The only one I can remember is rolling the tongue.

As an adopted child growing up I often felt a disconnect with my adopted parents. After meeting my half brothers and sister it became apparent we shared some traits.

I rub my feet together in the bed, and cannot sleep if my knees are touching each other!! So does my half sister.

We have a temper. Although I can control mine more than she can. Probably why we don’t speak anymore!

Things like this do cause me to wonder though.

Having only spent a short time with my birth mother and none with my natural father I’ve spent many a quiet moment wondering am I like them?

Well new research commissioned by Red Bull TV to mark the launch of a documentary about the renowned motorcycling dynasty The Lampkins has some interesting findings.

The study – which looked at how Brits felt they’d been influenced by their parents – found fathers are most likely to be behind academic talent, intelligence and sporting talent, but will also pass on their anger, bad habits and impatience.

Mothers pass on their zest for life, enthusiasm and forgetfulness along with a tendency to worry and insecurity.

They are also most likely to be responsible for your cooking skills, dress sense, confidence and generosity.

Dougie Lampkin Wheelie Man is available to watch for free, exclusively on redbull.tv or via the Red Bull TV app now.

So looking at the list, Buddy and Little Miss OMG aren’t gonna fare too badly.

Wonder where he gets that scowl from

Traits most likely to come from me, being their father (I think!) are.

A love of sport
Academic talent
Bad habits
Sense of adventure
Sense of direction
Sense of humour
Sporting talent
Swearing/potty mouth
My favourite football team (Go Tottenham!)
Your wit

Not a bad bunch, although I’ve no ambition at all. So like me they will be potty mouthed funny fuckers!

Well she got my flowing locks!

On the other hand looking at the list their mother is most likely to give them, makes for some interesting reading.

love of music
Baking/cooking skills
Dancing ability
Dress sense
Organisation skills
Tastes for food
Tendency to worry
Your musical taste
Zest for life

She has no patience (Little Miss OMG is the same) Can’t cook, she tries god love her and can’t dance for diamonds. Although after a couple of WKD’s she thinks she’s Ginger Rogers! AND as for music, Shayne Ward, Westlife, Boyzone I dare not carry on!

At least the kids will be able to use their wit and humour to get out of situations, like when the dinner is ruined!

What about you? Do you see bits of yourself in your children? Did they get your better personality traits or did you lump them with the bad ones?

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