One Week In

I’m still itching to write a post on all the wonderful gadgets available to the modern father. I say father, they are not exclusive to us men, just we are more prone to using technology for any excuse possible.

I’ve decided though that being as #BabyPink has been home for a week. Now would be a good time to reflect on how things have changed since she came home.

In short not much. The biggest change is time. Well lack of it! I started this post yesterday evening at 10. It is now 6pm and I’ve barely made a dent into it.

One good thing is that I’ve now made a conscious effort to spend more quality time with the boys. This is difficult as herself had a good few stitches and is supposed to be taking it easy. Taking it easy to her means sweeping 10 times a day instead of 15.

This means I have to try and keep house clean to her standards, so she doesn’t have to clean. I’m sure there are 5* hotels not as clean, and we’ve three boys! Spend time with the boys and with #BabyPink. Chef duties and referee.

Obviously there is much more pink in the house. At times it seems like a giant pink paint grenade has been thrown through the front door.

I’ve also spent the time I have with her wondering. What will she be like, having grown up with three older brothers. Will she be as tough as old boots? Having had to fight for everything. Will she instead use guile and charm to get her own way? By the time she is six the eldest will be 18, and hopefully off to college. The middle one will still be here, but with his Autism cannot even speculate as to what he will be like. My little man would be getting ready for secondary school. Has the big age gap meant she will be going her own way with her own little friends? Will her big brothers be willing to play tea parties with her? Will it be #BabyPink, Myself and the Teddy Bears having picnics and tea parties?

Oh the possibilities are endless. Now I know why so many people have so much interest in the Nature vs Nurture debate. As long as time allows it will be documented here.

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