One of My I Have Never Moments

I’ve seen a few people writing posts and recording vlogs saying “I have never” then completing the sentence with their not so finest parenting moment.

I’ve covered something like this before in this post here. Not a great moment and something Mrs OMG still reminds me about.

It’s not something that really fits the, I have never, theme though. As none of the children were directly involved.

Sitting here at long past last orders, stone cold sober, watching Little Miss OMG playing on her slide. (It’s in the sitting room, before you ask!) I recalled another incident that certainly fits the category though.

I have never dropped the baby

This is going back a good few years. Little Miss OMG wasn’t even thought of and Buddy was only a few months old.

One of his brothers had managed to injure himself, not sure exactly what he’d done, but a visit to A&E was required.  This was accomplished fairly quickly, but not quick enough to get away without removing Buddy from the car seat.

Not Buddy

I’d put him back into it but hadn’t strapped him back in. After Mrs OMG came back into the waiting room I forgot he wasn’t strapped in. Picked up the car seat and then, like in a movie, it tipped forward in slow motion. Dumping Buddy face first onto the waiting room floor. 

Not surprisingly he started crying! Mrs OMG started calling me an idiot and a Nurse appeared asking had I just dropped the baby?

Thankfully when the car seat was lifted off him we could see that the big thick fleece Disney’s Winnie The Pooh blanket had landed underneath him. Cushioning his landing. There was not a mark on him. 

photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu Safety First via photopin (license)

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