No Nonsense Review – iPhone 8 with Three UK

Disclaimer: I was sent an iPhone 8 with a Pay As You Go Sim to use for four weeks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Click here for full disclosure policy.

Although I like my tech and have a keen interest in advances in technology I find most reviews to be very tech orientated and not so much about how the device performs in an every day setting. Well read on for my no nonsense review of the iPhone 8 from Three UK

iPhone 8 First Impressions

The teen has an iPhone 6 and placed side by side there was no noticeable difference in the phones. Upon checking the dimensions for both there is a slight difference between the two phones. The iPhone 8 being ever so slightly, longer, thicker and heavier. This is because the back is glass and not aluminium. It does give it a sleeker feel, but in my experience makes no difference to grip. The all over glass does give it a much more premium look and feel though.

iOS vs Android

For many people this is the main reason people choose iPhone’s over other makes. I’ve always had Android phones from my very first Samsung Smart phone. I’ve had to use an iOS phone on occasion to send a text or look up something on the net, when my battery was dead. Honestly it was more frustrating than anything else. Not having the open apps and return buttons just drove me mad.

Actually having to use the iPhone 8 daily I soon got used to the small differences. Although old habits die hard and I did go to use the back button numerous times a day.

I’m still not 100% convinced though, but that’s just me.

The Camera

iPhone 8 photograph. Little Miss OMG and a horse

The main reason I was so keen to try this phone out was the camera. Most of the phones I’ve owned are budget phones, with not very good cameras. I have to be honest I wasn’t blown away with the camera quality. Outside, yes it was brilliant. Inside or low light not as impressive. I’m sure I could have fiddled with settings to improve things, but there wasn’t an obvious settings button within the camera app. I did like the slo mo feature on the video camera. It was very easy to edit, allowing you to extend or decrease the part of the video that was slo mo.


I downloaded all the apps I use for blogging along with Sky Q and a few others. Most of the time there were no problems. Every now and then it would freeze or would run slowly. Then a simple reset and all was fine.

Display and Sound

As you would expect from a high end device the screen on the iPhone 8 is excellent. There were no problems seeing the display in all weather conditions. I watched soccer matches and movies on it no problem at all.

The sound quality is good. Not as tinny sounding as some phones. Although with no headphone jack I was unable to watch inst stories in bed!

Network Performance

I have to say I was impressed with the signal quality. I was roaming on the Three network and not once was there a dropped call or no signal. This is very good considering I live in Rural Ireland. There is no 4g in most places I visit regularly but even still the data connection was fast enough to cope with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the browsing I need to research blog posts etc. With the £20 credit I didn’t have to top up once over the four week period. That’s with the data on pretty much permanently as there is a very poor wifi signal upstairs.


Overall I was impressed with the iPhone 8 and the Three Network. The phone looks elegant and stylish, is easy to use and besides a few small differences between iOS and Android, everyday use was easy.

After the initial excitement at having a high end phone wore off though I have to say there was nothing it did over a budget phone that blew me away. There was also an issue with lost photos. I assumed that once wifi back up to iCloud was turned on that as soon as the phone connected to a wifi signal it would back up photos. Sadly not. My own fault for not checking before wiping the phone to return it.

I was though impressed with the call quality and network performance. When my current contract is up I will seriously look at moving to Three.

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to make the move from Android just yet, but using the iPhone 8 will make the decision a bit tougher.

2 thoughts on “No Nonsense Review – iPhone 8 with Three UK”

  1. Im the same as you Alan, the back, home and open apps buttons are vital for me. I have borrowed friends Iphones before and they just frustrate me.
    Im still in love with my Huawei

    1. I’ve had a Huawei before and loved it. Not as fancy as yours though. There was nothing on the iPhone that Android doesn’t do that would make me want to swap… I was impressed with the Three network though.

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