National OMG'S USA Vacation

So in just over two weeks our Epic Adventure begins. As with almost anything we plan it all goes pear shaped. Unusually, even for us it’s gone Pete Tong* before we’ve even left for the airport, never mind gotten onto a plane! This adventure could top the time we missed the return ferry home from France!

The plan was to land in Florida. Take the kids to see Mickey Mouse, frighten the life out of them on a few roller coasters at Disney and Universal then a spin up the coast to Amelia Island. Before inflicting the back end of nowhere North Carolina on them.

Due to my Vauxhall Zafira deciding it was going to blow a turbo, fuel injectors and THEN the whole damn engine, the Disney money is gone!

So instead we are leaving out Disney and heading straight to the Omni Resort in Amelia Island where my parents, sister, Aunts and Cousins are all meeting us. I’d like to say the return of the prodigal son/nephew/cousin is the reason for this family reunion. Alas I know full well it’s the kids and probably to ask Mrs OMG how she hasn’t killed me yet.

It also means my holiday tech wishlist is still a wishlist. I’m sure my trusty Samsung A3 will serve me well for Insta Stories, blogging and the 3 million pictures and 1000 hours of video footage I intend to take. 

Am I upset? No. Are the kids upset? No. They’ve been promised a visit to Carrowwinds whilst in North Carolina so are happy enough.

A must do ride for any Irish visitors to Carrowinds

We’ve a 7 seater loaded with Air Conditioning and Cruise Control that will be waiting at the airport for us. Let’s hope the nice lady I spoke to at Alamo a few weeks ago understood my Englsh/Irish accent and they Do accept debit cards. I’m coming home single if they don’t. 
We will be back in Orlando for 4th of July. From what I’ve read on the interweb there will be no end of fireworks displays. The last time I did a 4th of July in the US I saw Billy Idol in concert! 

So let the countdown commence and watch this space. It’s me we’re talking about. Something is going to go wrong.

* Cockney Rhyming slang. Meaning it’s all gone wrong.

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